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After the food stalls, what does every wedding guest look forward to in a wedding? – The bride’s entry, that’s what! It is the number one reason why every bride wants a grand entry on her wedding day. It is also the time when all eyes (including the groom’s) are set on her, so the moment better be perfect, right? Bollywood comes to the rescue on such occasions; as a bride walks towards the love of her life, one can use unique songs which can help define the moment perfectly. In this guide, we are simplifying the process of selecting the right bridal entry songs for your Indian wedding…

Choosing an entrance song is essential to avoid bloopers on the most special day of the couple. Once at a wedding during the bride’s entry the Dj played ‘Chikni chameli track from Agneepath’ imagine the embarrassment for the bride and those present at the wedding!

Din Shagna Da By Wedding Filmer    

This track is played at almost every Indian wedding, but we don’t mean the usual ‘Din Shagna Da’ from Dillagi. There is a new version of this song created by top wedding photographers ‘The Wedding Filmers’. This track is traditional yet having a modern twist. Goosebumps guaranteed!


Latika’s Theme from Slumdog Millionare

This tune is perfect for a sober and contemporary bride. A soothing soft tune, which will appeal to all.

‘Paalki Mein Hoke Sawaar Chali Re’ from Hero

This song has a fun vibe that will make everyone take notice of you (in a true sense). Perfect for a bride who is chirpy, lively and fun, this song can be made more interesting by having the bride enter in a paalki decorated with flowers.

In Lamhon ke Daaman Mein from Jodha Akbar

A slow paced song filled with sensuality and mystery…perfect for a bride who wishes to tell her feelings indirectly. The royal charm of this song is incomparable.


‘Teri Ore’ from Singh is King

Whenever there is a mention of this song one image that undoubtedly comes to everyone’s mind is- Katrina Kaif in fuchsia pink sari dancing amidst pyramids in the backdrop. Well, time to move out of this visual and focus on the song. This song from Singh is King movie tells the story of a girl who loses her heart to the man of dreams. Well, quite apt for  a bride about to get married.

‘Ore Piya’ from Aaja Nach Le

When a song is sung by the talented Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, you know it is gong to be a soul warming one! Ore Piya is iconic and sure to leave your guests mesmerized y your entry. The lyrics talk about love and courage needed to take a step forward to start a life with your loved one; a perfect fit for a bride on her wedding day.

Now that we have listed the best bride’s entry songs, we are sure you can move past traditional ones like ‘din shagna da’ and other. Have any more songs in mind which can be used for the bride’s entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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