5 Things to Say No to During Wedding Planning

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So you have said ‘yes’ to your prince charming and to your commitment. But that does not end things here. Rather it is time to learn to say no more often now. One place where a ‘No‘ is necessary many times is in the midst of wedding planning. It will  be your wedding planner’s ultimate goal to get your ‘Yes’ on everything s/he recommends. So brides: be prepared to say ‘No’  at times.

Here we will give you a quick list of occasions where it is wiser to say No  during your wedding planning –

1. Overbooked: Of course: it is your wedding- you are supposed to be the busiest of all. But if you are believed to be present at the meetings with caterer, stylist, dress designer and wedding planners on the same day after paying a visit to your in-laws, honey, you need to stop and breathe. And, yes, you have a job too. So, if anybody asks you to take more than you can eat then say No to him or her. Rather, prepare a to-do list, sync it with your mobile calendar and wrap up tasks at your own pace giving yourself enough time to relax.

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2. When you are given little choice: It can be about the wedding themes or the wedding menu, if the wedding planner or caterer is giving you just a few options to choose from, you need to reconsider it. It’s your wedding and you will be paying the bills. If they cannot offer you what you are looking for then what’s the point in hiring them to organize your big day? So, if your choice is carnations and they are continuously trying to convince you about the beauty of marigolds or gerberas, say No.

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3. If something clashes with your faith or values: Dia Mirza stopped the priest on her wedding day when he prayed for healthy boys for the couple and made him rectify it to be daughters. That’s it. Maybe, you are an atheist. Maybe, you do not prefer to recite certain parts of the hymns or wedding vows as you personally do not believe in those words. Then make it clear with the priest, your in-laws and other people who are close to you. Saying something you do not believe in just for the sake of “what-people-will-think-otherwise” does not sound right. Therefore, in such situations, if some norms or rituals do not seem right to you, say No.

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4. When it’s ‘their’ wish: During this wedding planning phase, you will be told what should be the colour of your wedding dress (as some grandma has wished it for long), what should be the preferred theme (as an uncle has seen it somewhere) and other endless should-be’s. What about you? After all, it’s your wedding. While it’s a family affair and it would be nice to come to a conclusion together but it would be absolutely unfair to let everybody have a say about your big day except you.

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5. When you are asked to make a rush decision: The wedding planner wants you to sign the deal right at their office, the florists want you to make the advance payment right away, the salon and spa wants you to book the date within an hour to avail a lucrative deal and so on. It seems nobody wants to give you enough time to think about the offers and compare with other service providers. Say no to that.

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Stay tuned to some wedding planning Yeses in the sequel to this article!

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