Bollywood Inspiration for Post- Wedding Look

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From pre-wedding to the wedding day, you have spent all your energy on making everything  perfect. Your wedding goes as planned, everything was perfect. The honeymoon was also memorable. Before you even settle into this phase of life, there is an important social appearance you have to make. This could be any occasion from a friend’s wedding to a relative’s wedding anniversary, from house warming to a birthday party. To put together your first look post wedding could be quite a task. The pressure is higher if the function relates to the in laws. As a newly married woman you’ll be expected to turn up in an ensemble that’s nothing less than spectacular.  Don’t worry we are here for your rescue. Let’s take some Bollywood inspiration for post-wedding look:


Colour: No prizes for guessing that the preferred colour is red, to be specific sindoor red!! Such a bright colour fits very few occasions and your first appearance post-wedding is one of them. Almost all top heroines like Aishwarya Rai to Kareena Kapoor chose this colour, the most recent being Rani Mukherjee post tying the knot with YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra. Although it is the most preferred colour, does not mean you have to stick to it. You could choose a different hue and shade of red or pink. Also pay attention to what best colour best suits your complexion.

Post-wedding look

Attire: A sari would be your best bet. Take a look at Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor’s saris. These two are completely contrast looks. Choose the look that would be suitable for the occasion. If the function is grand like an engagement or a wedding, you could wear a sari with heavy embroidery. A sari with and gold jari and palla is great for traditional ceremonies. But if it is a sangeet ceremony or a house warming, you could wear a simpler sari. If the occasion is informal like a birthday party, you can opt for a anarkali dress or a salwar suit.

Post-wedding look

Jewellery: Vidya Balan wore heavy jewellery to go with her gold and red sari. Choice of jewellery depends on the type of costume you chose and the occasion you are to attend. Even if you go a little overboard with the jewellery, you will be forgiven, it being your first appearance. But we recommend you balance your outfit and jewellery.

Make sure to wear a magalsutra, sindoor or chooda. It is quite important to appear comfortable in your new role. Coordinate your look as a whole and most importantly enjoy the celebration!!

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