Six Sensational Neckline Styles And Tips For Wearing Them

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Once you have finalized your lehenga or sari for your wedding day, it is time to start looking for the neckline styles in the blouse/choli. This decision must be taken carefully since the kind of neckline you choose can actually accentuate or mask problem areas if any. Today, we shall discuss six sensational neckline styles and also a few tips that can help you choose the pattern that best suits your body type.

The Boat Neck


images: Sonas Couture via Pinterest, VJVFashions

Boat Neck is designed so as to accentuate the neck. It is a very versatile design that is suitable for ladies with long graceful necks or the ‘banana body shape’. It is not recommended for busty women, as the boat neck can actually make the chest appear ‘matronly’. Likewise, ladies with broader shoulders must also stay away from the boat neck. One must wear appropriate and supportive undergarments beneath the dress. Go in for a strapless bra or one with spaghetti nude straps. The lines of the undergarment of choice must not be visible beneath the choli.

The Halter Style Neckline


images: white, Fashion Fiza

This is another very stylish and versatile neckline style  that is quite popular today. There are many different sub-varieties in this neckline. You can opt for the Grecian halter, traditional halter or a simple halter. Either design is suitable for ladies with smaller busts so as to accentuate this part of the body. The Halter neckline can also be combined with the V-neck or round neck patterns (discussed below). The Halter is recommended for ladies with straight, curvy or hourglass figures but definitely not for pear-shaped women as it accentuates the triangular effect of this body type.  Choose the halter choli with comfortable straps and also invest in good quality undergarments to go with it. Select the right bridal jewellery that will complement rather than clash with the style.

The V-Neckline


images: Sarees Bazaar

You simply cannot go wrong with the V-neckline style ( also called the plunging neckline). It is suitable for most body types, provided you do not go overboard with the plunging neck. The V-neckline is recommended for pear shaped ladies and can be cleverly combined with the right collar styles to accentuate the figure. Shorter brides can use this style to create an illusion of height.

The Scoop Neckline


images: VJV Fashions, Sareeka

The scoop neckline style  is in the form of a deep U and is perfect for brides with narrow shoulders. This neckline can actually balance all body flaws and is perfect for those with longer faces and shorter necks. The scoop can be made deeper depending on how much skin you want to show. We recommend a scoop that enhances the collar bone. Ladies who are very skinny must stay away from the scoop neckline.

The Square Neckline


images: Shree designer sarees, Sareesbazaar

This is more or less like the scoop neckline but with sharper and straighter edges. It is recommended for brides with shorter necks and narrow shoulders. Ladies with round faces and pear shaped body types also do very well with this style. It is not recommended for  those with square faces or shoulders.

The High neckline

high neck

images Minmit, TB Dress

This is a very beautiful design in necklines. It is perfect for skinny or petite brides but generally not recommended for bustier ladies. The best part about this neckline is that you can opt for a nice up-do for your hair. We recommend going in for thinner necklaces so as to not clash with the neckline style.

Featured image: Sandeep Gupta Photography

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