Bridal Beauty Tips a Month Before the Big Day

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So, it’s only a month left before you walk down the aisle. The last 30 days always tend to be really busy with a huge list of things to take care of. But, amidst the dress trial and last minute discussions with a MUA, make sure you do not forget to pay special attention to your skin. Today we will tell you how to take good care of your skin in the final month before your big day.

Read these 10 bridal beauty tips to follow a month before the wedding-

bridal beauty tips


Week 4

1. If you find sudden unwanted rashesor zits- Now is the right time to get an appointment with a dermatologist. One month will give ample time to the medicines to work.

2. If you are planning to get intensive hair or skin treatments at spas, wait no more. Dark circles, uneven skin tone, cracked heels are some of the major issues which need to be taken care of and this is the right time to do so.

3. If this is for the first time you will be waxing then we suggest you do it now. Worry not: you can repeat it again a few days before the wedding. Just check whether your skin is sensitive to waxing or not.

4. Test the cosmetics you plan to use on your wedding day. This way; if your skin reacts to a particular cosmetics, you will have time for it to heal. Best not to try any cosmetics for the first time on your D-day.

5. Now’s the time to grow your nails if you plan on getting some nail art. Apply a little olive oil on your nails before going to bed every night.

bridal beauty tips

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Week 3

6. Start taking care of your hand and nails now. Get a pedicure and manicure in this week. Before going to bed, apply a quality moisturizer on your hands and feet. After a long day, soak your feet in warm water. Add some bath salts to the water to relieve stress.

7. Start your facial skin care regimen now. Invest in a good day cream with SPF as well as a night cream that hydrates and tightens the face. Talk to your dermatologist instead of buying over the counter products.

8. Want to get rid of your belly fat before the big day? The time is now. Start practicing yoga, abdominal crunches and other weight training exercises on a regular basis. Follow a healthy and balanced diet.

9. For the next 2 weeks, forget junk foods -stay away from everything that’s too oily, spicy and sugary. Limit your cheese intake. Drink plenty of water and green tea.

bridal beauty tips

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Week 2 and 1

10. You are just 2 weeks away from your Big Day. Continue with the week 3 plan above.

11. Additionally, you may do a quick all natural facial at home and repeat it every alternative day. Use homemade packs with rosewater, turmeric and chickpea flour. If you have dry skin, add some malai to it. You can also do a homemade face pack with mashed bananas, powdered oatmeal etc.

12. Try out different hairstyles to get an idea which one suits you. Speak to a Makeup artist to guide you.

13. Apply a body lotion on your skin right after bath while the skin is still moist. This will lock in the moisture.

14. Get your eyebrows shaped in the week before the wedding.

15. Go for a bridal facial 3 to 4 days before the wedding. Get your MUA’s advice on this and follow that.

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