Bridal Makeup Tips for Dusky Brides

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Indian bridal makeup is perhaps the most complicated makeup; the possibilities are endless in choosing the best look for one’s wedding day. A simple search online will show you volumes of images in this category-however, you might notice that most models in those images are fair skinned and that ends up confusing most of the dusky toned brides. No wonder majority of the Indian brides-to-be are engulfed in the ‘fair skin obsession’. However, thanks to many Bollywood actresses, things are settling a bit in that area. More and more dusky skinned brides are accepting their complexion and looks with confidence. As Bollywood movies have also shown us: there are many options for the dusky skinned women as far as a beauty routine and makeup go. In fact: Dusky is the new favourite in the glamour industry.

If you are a soon to-be bride with a dusky complexion: read on to know the tricks to look fabulous on the wedding day.

Prepare your Skin

If you want your makeup to go on evenly and be flawless, it is essential that you prepare your face for it. Prior to any make up application, use a gentle exfoliating face wash to scrub away dead skin. Pat skin dry and generously apply moisturizer according to your skin type. Massage it well into your skin and then begin with the makeup steps.


Foundation is the base for any makeup and when it is bridal makeup, it becomes all the more essential not to go wrong with it. You should never think that opting for a shade lighter than your original complexion will make you look fairer in photos, instead choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Opt for a liquid foundation as it blends smoothly. Make sure you apply foundation to your neck as well, the look should be even and not two different shades. If you have oily skin, then dab a little translucent powder to set the foundation.


makeup tips for dusky brides to be

If you have big and dark eyes, then the focus should be on  highlighting and flaunting this feature. Go for cream based eyeliners as they blend in easily and give depth to your eyes. Use multiple coats of mascara to enhance the appeal of your eyelashes. As for the eye shadow, choose colours like golden, bronze, plum, cranberry and olive from the palette. Avoid bold colours and silver.


Another feature that a bride should always focus on is her lips. Take special care while choosing your lip colour as this may make or break your bridal look. Apply lip balm and lip liner before application of lip colour. Dusky brides should opt for shades like rust, cranberry, plum, mauve, wine, crimson red and brick red to complement their complexion. Also, stay away from frosty shades like pinks and purple.


There is a natural blush on a bride’s face almost day and night; but  to lift the colour on the cheeks further, apply some peach or deep orange toned blush. As for the bronzer, apply it above cheekbones and along the nose bridge to highlight the makeup.

Lastly, always remember that no amount of makeup can enhance your look on your wedding day as much as a simple smile. Be confident and the glow will show!

Images: Anushka’s salon, Moments That Matter Photography, Indian Bridal Makeup Blog

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