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Wedding is the most cherished event of anyone’s life, more so for the bride. Since two people who love each other come together for life, it is one event that should be captured to perfection. It is those perfect shots that make the perfect wedding album. So here are some of the bridal shots that you might want to discuss with your wedding photographer and include in your wedding album.

Getting Ready

As a girl, you probably must have imagined your look as a bride a million times by now. So as the D day arrives, the time to materialize that look also comes up. Well, generally, brides must have their makeup artist come over much ahead of the baraat’s arrival time. While it does not take more than an hour or two to get fully ready, you can have some fun while dressing up and letting your photographer  take some ‘bride’s getting ready shots’.  This will give you an activity to do rather than sit in one chair and wait endlessly to get your makeup complete.


Overhead Shot of the Makeup Look

This ideally should be the second part of wedding photography after the ‘getting ready shoot’. Once your entire look is complete, let your photographer capture the stunning you! The overhead shot is a great option that gives the complete look of all your jewellery and lehenga in one stance.

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Bride with Bridesmaids

They say the party begins when girlfriends get together, so since it’s your wedding there ought to be a photo to capture your fun moments with your friends. This shot should be candid, fun and lively something that speaks about the energy of the bond you share with your girlies! A similar shot could be taken with the bride in center and her sisters on her either side.


Bridal Lehenga Twirl

You must have probably spent months finding that perfect lehenga for your wedding right? But what is the use if you do not flaunt it for the visual treat? Be mesmerized by your choice every time you see your lehenga in the photographs. Tell your photographer to click a full length shot of your lehenga and you flaunting it…twirl round and round and click away!


Showing off the Mehendi

Mehendi is a necessary sringar for a bride for her wedding day. You can give various poses while the mehendi is being applied to you or even after that.  A shot taken during mehendi/sangeet ceremony or on the wedding day is a must-have in every woman’s wedding album. You can either face the camera directly or let the photographer take candid shots.


Bride Entering the Venue

It is understandable that you will be a bundle of nerves during wedding preparations, shopping, parlour appointments and even quite before the actual wedding, but don’t let that hamper your spirits -just smile and be yourself. As you enter the venue and proceed towards the love of your life, the excitement, nervousness and shyness is all that you might feel; so let the photograph capture it for you.



The most emotionally charged moment during a wedding is vidaai. This is a situation where the bride has mixed emotions, she is happy to start a new life with her husband and sad at the same time leaving her parents and house behind…So a photograph that shows a bride hugging her parents while leaving or sitting in the palki/doli is a very beautiful one.


So if you want your wedding album to reflect these wonderful moments;  do get the above mentioned shots. You will be mesmerized every time you will see your wedding album.

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