How To Choose Unique Wedding Colour Schemes For Your Indian Wedding

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The concept of unique wedding colour schemes  and palettes are fast catching up in Indian weddings. If you are planning on having a themed wedding, but are clueless as to how to choose your wedding colours that will make for truly unique and unforgettable palettes, then read on for tips and inspiration, straight from expert wedding planners.

Think of words and colours that reflect the essence of the day


Most wedding planners give out a questionnaire to the bride and groom to fill asking them to describe the kind of event they want. This entails choosing words like ‘Fun, Traditional, Casual, Adventurous’ etc. These words can help couples choose the colours for their wedding day.

Colours of the season or festivals? Passé!

Just like in western weddings, where brides and grooms could choose, for example, Christmassy colours like Red and Green for their winter wedding, Indian couples too can select colours reflective of festivals or seasons. However, wedding planners believe that this is passé. To incorporate unique wedding schemes, one must think outside the box. Take the opportunity to really make your wedding much more interesting than simply choosing colours that flow well with a festival or season. You could, for example, choose colours like purple, green, mustard etc which do not really have any season/festival associated with them.

Choose your favourite colours



Apart from culturally/traditionally important colours schemes, you can always select shades that you both love. For example, if you both like aqua then you could go in a destination beach wedding, so as to incorporate the colour in the celebrations.

Check availability of the colours

Sometimes brides want to incorporate really unique colours but one must be mindful of the fact that all colours might not be available all year round. Lehengas, Shervanis flowers, accents and accessories might even have to be pre-ordered or customized to suit a particularly unique theme.

Building the colours

Wedding planners generally suggest including a main colour along with complementary accents. A few guidelines for choosing these colours are to view them on a colour wheel. For example, if you select deep turquoise, which is considered a dark jewel tone, then you may want to select diluted colours to compliment it. An example would be pale yellow, pink, muted grey etc.

Don’t just go by trends


Unique Wedding Colour Schemes


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Sometimes, brides and grooms simply see something that they wish to incorporate in their scheme. However, one must truly take few minutes to reflect on the schemes and colours that will inspire and uplift, rather than going by trends or something they have seen before. This paired with the colours of the season of one’s celebration and adding other balancing hues and shades is a sure to be a winning combination.


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