Dazzle And Style At The India Couture Week 2017

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The India Couture Week 2017, we are certain, did more than just raise the heartbeats of Indian to-be-brides since the display of effort and workmanship on the part of the designers was just breath-taking. In our last article, we featured four of the best designers whose work was much appreciated by the audience. In this article, we take a look at four more designers who are well known for their global appeal and for dressing Indian brides all over the world irrespective of geographic distances.

Anamika Khanna

india couture week 2017india couture week 2017

Both images courtesy News 18

A hot favourite with many a Bollywood celeb, Anamika’s pieces fly off the shelf quite fast. This year, Anamika exhibited a collection called ‘Luxury 2017 Happily Ever After’. Choosing the perfect bridal wear for every occasion can be quite tedious since weddings in India, particularly Hindu weddings usually have many pre-wedding ceremonies as well. Anamika very smartly showcased the different wedding and pre wedding garments that Indian brides could wear to all the functions without ever having to compromise on exquisiteness or comfort. While Indian embroidery and other workmanship was featured across the line, the subtle differences were highlighted well too. For example, bridal wear for a wedding lunch had threadwork and zardosi whereas the bridal wear for the mehendi function featured embellishments such as old kinaris, burnished gold and silver work as well as dori work. Even cocktail ensembles featured silver metal, beadwork and tassels for a hep modern look.

Anita Dongre

india couture week 2017india couture week 2017

Both images courtesy Indian Express

With two stores opening in the Big Apple soon, Anita Dongre’s Grassroots has been making headlines for all the right reasons. In the India Couture Week 2017 as well, Anita proved that she is one serious environment warrior by designing an entire collection of bridal wear around trees. Yes, actual trees. Or specifically, in her words ‘khejri’ trees which are indigenous to Rajasthan. So inspired was Anita by the Bishnoi tribals efforts to save the existing khejri trees in their region, that it proved to be the muse that she was looking for to design this collection. Besides having the khejri motif standing out in one garment after the other, her collection also interestingly had dresses with Obi belts as well as sarees and frilled skirts. Although the base shade chosen was white, plenty of maroons, ink blue, royal blue and green were among the other highlighted colours as well.

Manish Malhotra

india couture week 2017

Image courtesy Vogue

india couture week 2017

Image courtesy Embroidery

Think Manish and dreamy Bollywood sequences come to mind. In fact, Manish is often heralded as the first designer to make bridal wear such a hot and happening area of focus so early in his career. So, it was only fitting that he also choose to name his collection the ‘Sensual Affair’ in which luxurious fabrics that are reminiscent of an era gone by was the highlight. One look at the heavy mull and zari work and one would think that the garments would make any Indian bride uncomfortable. On the contrary however, as the fabrics were light and flowing and would show off a toned figure beautifully when worn in style. All the gowns, skirts and dresses featured by Manish at the India Couture Week 2017 had trains and capes for a modern bridal look.

Gaurav Gupta

india couture week 2017india couture week 2017

Both images courtesy Indian Express

Any Indian bride who considers herself truly modern and wants to wear a ‘fusion’ garment for her wedding needn’t look beyond Gaurav Gupta who is famous for dressing brides who want the best of both India and the Western world. This time however, Gaurav chose the ethereal word ‘ Moondust’ for his collection at the India Couture Week 2017 and ensured that the term ‘haute couture’ got an entirely new punch. Yes, he drew plenty of inspiration from natural themes such as nature, forests and even imagined an alternate world on the moon itself but the clothes themselves are truly the heroines of the show. The idea was to celebrate fantasy and to allow the audience to step into a world beyond this one. Gaurav’s commitment to his art is evident from the manner in which he actually created the lace used on the clothes, all by himself from scratch. Brides can choose from ultra-feminine fabrics like chiffon, tulle, crepe and net in shades like grey and green from this collection to truly stand out.

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