First Glimpses Of The India Couture Week 2017

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The India Couture Week 2017 is association with Vogue, the magazine for fashionistas all over the world, unveiled a breath-taking collection of bridal wear by India’s best and most famous designers. It’s safe to say that our Indian brides often take cues on what’s hot and sizzling on the ramps based on different designs and workmanship showcased by designers at the India Couture Week 2017.

So, amidst the heady mix of famous faces and a generous dollop of Bollywood celebrities to enliven the show, what are the trends that the Indian bridal market is going to see this year? Let’s take a look at 4 of our own designers who won hearts and stole the show with their respective thoughts on the modern Indian bride:

Anju Modi

india couture week 2017

india couture week 2017

Both images courtesy Vogue

She is better known as the magical fingers behind the vibrant costumes that viewers admired in Bajirao Mastani and Anju’s designs are quite popular with brides too. This year, Anju drew inspiration from the mystical land of Rajasthan which is well known for its use of bright colour palettes in everyday wear. The collection which was called ‘ Sunehri Kothi’ was environmentally friendly and showcased lehengas that were made from hand woven textiles and fitted blouses. Besides drawing inspiration from Rajasthani architecture and Meenakari which is a very intricate brushwork, the designer wear had generous hues of indigo and other bright shades and embellishments of precious stones as well as gold and silver.

Rahul Mishra

india couture week 2017

Image courtesy Prick Prock

india couture week 2017

Image courtesy Vogue

Think Rahul Mishra and one thinks of Indian bridal wear that’s contemporary and so today. But since it is Rahul Mishra that we are talking about, one can never predict exactly what his collection will feature. So imagine what a hit his designs were when it was revealed that he chose to take a step back in time and use elements that are synonymous with Persian, Roman and Byzantine architecture instead. The audience was treated to a lavish treat of light ready to wear clothes that featured intricate and delicate floral embroidery, geometric patterns and other mosaic designs. Very fittingly, Mishra named his collection ‘ Parizaad’ which simply means’ of the divine’. Although the designer admitted that this was by far his most ethnic bridal wear collection yet, one could also spot plenty of contemporary elements too.

Tarun Tahiliani

india couture week 2017

Image courtesy Indian Express

india couture week 2017

Image courtesy News 18

Tarun is the master talent behind soft peek a boo fabrics as well as bridal wear that truly makes a bride look nothing less than a regal princess. Having said that, Tarun has never shied away from acknowledging that he wants his bridal wear to be worn by all the young and confident women of today. So, what do the brides of today really want? Going by the 85 garments that Tarun featured on the runway, one can safely say that bridal wear that is light on the bride yet high on the glamour quotient is his forecast for the year. Sarees in black, and lehengas in a myriad of bridal hues like peach and red were some of the hits from his bridal wear collection. Tarun has always been known for his focus on delicate embroidery and going by the classic pieces that were featured this year at the Indian Couture Week 2017, it’s safe to say that Tarun knows what women truly want!

Reynu Taandon

india couture week 2017india couture week 2017

Images courtesy Aparna Mudi

Would you really showcase an entire range of bridal wear in one highlighted shade? Well, Reynu Taandon did just that and even got her showstopper Miss Bhumi Pednekar looking like a million bucks as she sashayed confidently down the ramp. The collection titled ‘Cyan’ was inspired by the breath-taking shade of peacock blue. Reynu made sure that this gorgeous shade was evenly balanced out by white and even gold for some added sparkle. Intricate handwork and mirror work on handloom chanderi fabric simply stole the show away. One might even add that given the fact that now is the monsoon season with a slight lull of blue in the air already, the undertones of the monsoon which were featured in the Cyan collection were well thought out. Probably never before has the humble peacock blue been elevated to heights of beauty such as these.

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