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Post the rush and hurry of your wedding, if you are planning a honeymoon or a special getaway with your better half, France is one of the most passionate and romantic countries. This is one country, we believe, that has the best to offer to newly-weds than any other country in the world. Though France is a big place to explore, Paris, the City of Lights, in itself has lots to offer. Bien venue!! A dream destination, Paris is like no other city. Each area or place you visit radiates beauty and romance. It is a perennial city which can be visited in summer when it sizzles or in winter when it drizzles. Whether it is having a coffee at its famous coffee shops, a walk along its beautiful streets or savouring the popular French breads and wine you are sure to experience a perfect honeymoon. This ever charming city is a wonderful place to wander, hand in hand.

From the very moment you see the soaring Eiffel tower in the distance you are sure to be mesmerised. The perfect place for a photo op the Eiffel Tower is an iconic symbol of Paris. Do take the elevator ride to see the incredible view of the city and a dinner for two atop this world famous Tower is strongly recommended. The Louvre is the world’s most visited museums with its signature glass pyramid marking its entrance. A guided tour of the museum will take you around the works of world famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to name a few.


The Place de la Concord with fantastic vistas in every direction is the largest square in Paris. It is here that the royalty of France, King Louis XVI, Mari Antoinette and others were guillotined. A climb to the terrace of the Arc De Triomphe will give you a panoramic view of the beautiful city. You are sure to admire the rows of neatly trimmed trees on each avenue. Centre Pompidou boasts of high tech architecture. It houses a museum, a movie theatre, a panoramic terrace and is a must see. Jardin du Luxembourg or the Luxembourg Gardens is a huge public park where you can stroll leisurely with your beloved and enjoy the many artistic statues and fountains. The cathedral of Notre Dame is a supreme example of French Gothic architecture. Your trip to Paris will not be complete without visiting this awe inspiring place.

Place de la Concord

Apart from its world famous landmarks, life at the street level found in sidewalk cafes or bookstalls along the Seine is equally exciting. Do make sure you visit the most glamorous boutiques along the Right bank of Seine to celebrate your once in a lifetime honeymoon in style with a shopping extravaganza in Paris.

A trip of 4-5 days will typically cost around Rs.90,000 to 1,25,000 per person. Paris can be visited all year round. June to August is the best time to visit Paris as it is summer time. But because it is also the peak season, you may find the tourist places a little crowded. On the flip side it the time when the city is more relaxed. November to March is the off season as it is winter. But snow is rare and the city is well lit up. Choose the time that best suits the both of you and have a great beginning.

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