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Pondicherry is a quintessential town depicting the French and Indian cultures. It is a city in the union territory of Puducherry. Pondy as it is affectionately called is the perfect destination for young married couples. This city offers the feel of being in French city due to its clean roads, French cuisine offering restaurants and street named in French.

Pondy has a unique culture, clean streets, and broad roads. It is unlike any other city in India. The city is very well connected by rail, road and air. Chennai is the nearest big city and it is best if you get here and then transfer to Pondy. Once in Pondy you can hire a two wheeler and enjoy the city at your own pace. The best time to visit Pondy is December t March when it is pleasant and not too hot and humid. A week’s trip will cost around Rs. 30,000 per person.

Beach Promenade in Pondicherry

Once in Pondy there a whole lot to explore. The Promenade is the best place to enjoy many of the city’s landmarks from this stretch of 1.5 kms. You can see the War Memorial, the statue of Joan of Arc and Mahatma Gandhi, the lighthouse, the heritage town hall and much more. If you have little more time, you can visit the Paradise beach by boat.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of the must see spots in Pondy. Your trip to Pondy is incomplete without a visit to Auroville. It is also called the City of Dawn. It has been developed on the idea that people can co habit without any prejudices. It was conceived by Mother. Auroville is spread across 50 sq. kms. Roger Anger, a French architect is the designer. Nearly 2000 people live in the settlements there.

For the more spiritual hearts, the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time. While there you can admire the gothic architecture. For Greek Roman architecture Notre Dame des Anges is the place to be. This church also houses a rare oil painting of Our Lady of the Assumption, which was a gift from the French emperor, Napoleon III.  Manakula Vinayagar Koil is a 300 year old temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. You can take blessings from Lakshmi, the temple elephant.

Puducherry Immaculate Conception Cathedral

For a more relaxed evening head to Bharathi Park and enjoy the lush green grounds. Right at the centre of this park is the Aayi Mandapam. This monument was made during the time of Napolean III. Do not miss the Botanical Gardens. It has over 1500 species of flora and fauna. There is a musical fountain within which has two shows.

Pondicherry Manakula Vinayagar Temple elephant

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