Brief History About Lingerie

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Lingerie. The very word brings to mind images of soft satin, velvet and lace caressing the skin in many sensuous shades and in a multitude of designs. Yet many centuries ago, the term ‘lingerie’ as such was loosely used to denote any type of underclothing that one wore underneath one’s outer wear. Even mentioning the word ‘lingerie’ in society was nothing short of a scandal because it was not considered polite to even hint at the existence of such underclothes, let alone acknowledge the fact that one was even wearing them!



History has it that the earliest records of the existence of such underclothing were actually found in Egypt dating back to 3000 BC. It is generally believed that the entry of chemises and corsets in Medieval Europe sometime between the 4th to the 15th century changed the way women looked at lingerie forever. It wasn’t a mere piece of clothing anymore; instead, lingerie could now be used to define the curves of a woman’s body and give the wearer a fuller figure.



While the Victorians in England are credited for having innovated women’s underwear (or drawers), it was a certain Mary Phelps who in the year 1913 is given credit for creating the world’s first brassiere. Today, of course, lingerie has come such a long way and all established brands do acknowledge that all women are created differently and one size does not fit all. Plenty of research goes into understanding body sizes, body types, good fits, much sought after designs and in a nutshell; what women want.

So, if you’ve been eager to get some more information about lingerie but didn’t know who or where to ask, we say you’re one lucky girl, because we are going to dish out plenty of stuff about lingerie and how to wear it right in the coming weeks. In fact, we’re also going to talk about how to find the best fits for your body type, how to find the right lingerie to suit your personality and also decode some much used glossary terms.


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