Dos and Don’ts of Bridal Attire

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Right since the time she is a young girl, every bride imagines looking pretty on her wedding day with all the fancy glittering jewels and the pretty bridal dresses. 


Wedding is a special day in everyone’s life be it the groom or the bride. It is the day when all the eyes will be on you and gauging you from top to toe. On a day as special as this, even a minute mistake regarding your attire can ruin the whole day for you. Here we will discuss the basic dos and don’ts of bridal attire, so that you can have a checklist when you prepare yourself for your D-day.


What are the things that should just not be done when it comes to your attire? Listed here are a few don’ts:

  • It is very important to dress right for the bride. Some brides would like to wear a strapless blouse for instance, but this may not be the right choice. Wear something that projects you as an elegant and beautiful bride . (A strapless blouse might be just right for your wedding reception though ).
  • Don’t overdo your make up. Make sure you mix and match your make-up with your attire well in advance so that any last minute surprises don’t ruin your day.
  • Don’t get carried away with the trends. Sometimes we end up choosing our attire just because it’s hot in fashion world, but we forget to check if it really looks good on us. Try everything well in advance before you finalize your attire for your wedding day.



What are the things that you should do?

  • Mix and match your jewelry with your dress before the wedding day. Jewelry is a very important part of your attire. Even a small mistake regarding this might end up ruining the whole look, so do your homework before you step on the aisle.


  • Pick the right bag to keep your accessories or any important stuff with you so that you can use them whenever needed. Match your bag with your attire so it doesn’t look odd.
  • Same goes for your shoes. Decide if you would like to go for heels or flat sandals and try them before you wear them on the final day. It is very important for you to feel comfortable in your shoes. These days a lot of beautiful designs are available in the market so you can find something that exactly matches with your dress.
  • Appoint a make up artist well in advance and discuss the look that you wish to wear on your wedding.


  • Also, try the hairdo you wish to have on your wedding. This is important, as not all the hairstyles look good on everybody. So in order to pick the right one, start preparing before you end up wish a shoddy hairstyle on your wedding.

By doing the right things and making the right choices you can look like a princess like you always wanted to on your wedding day. So, keep these checkpoints in mind and get ready to step on the new journey of your life in style.


Images: Sandeep Gupta Photography

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