How To Eat Right According To Your Body Shape

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When you dream of your wedding day, you picture yourself to be perfect – with a wonderful wedding dress, dreamy make up, glamorous footwear-the works! Other than these things that you can buy in the market, you also need to work in order to keep your body flawless. Getting the perfect body shape is not easy:  takes relentless efforts, exercise and most importantly eating right. Body type and body shape are two entirely different things:  when you go dress shopping, you must focus on your body shape to get the right fit of garment. On the other hand, body type is about how your body digests foods, your metabolism and hormonal system etc. Shape of the body has more to do with the external features while the body type focuses on the internal aspects. Once you understand your body type you must work your way around the right diet and effective exercise to maintain desired weight and shape.


eating right for your body type

Body shape is where you store fat. It could be in the upper half or lower half of your body. There are five body shapes: Apple, Pear, Inverted Pyramid, Hourglass and Rectangle.

  1. Apple shaped: Apple brides store most of the fat in the abdomen area. They have lean hands and feet but a bulging belly. Although this fat is stored around the stomach, it is easy to loose this fat with the right diet and exercise. Apple shaped brides should eat foods high in proteins. Vitamin C is very essential for apples. It helps to flush out cortisol. Rich sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits and juices, such as orange and grapefruit, kiwi fruit, mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, watermelon. Avoid starchy and sugary foods. Most common binge of apples is Desserts. Avoid stress eating and guilty pleasures such as cakes, pastries, ice creams, mousse, etc.
  1. Pear shaped: Pears gain weight in the lower half of the body. They are heavy in the thighs and the waist area. As compared to apples, pears face a more difficulty in loosing this fat. Pears should watch their fat intake as it goes right to their bottom and thighs and takes lot of efforts to loose it. They should eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Also include oats and brown rice in daily meals. Non vegetarians should stick to chicken and fish and eliminate red meats. Avoid dairy products that are high in fat such as full fat milk, cheese and cream.eating right for your body
  1. Inverted Pyramid shape: Inverted Pyramids or inverted triangles have broad shoulders and heavy chest. They store the fat in the arms, back and chest area. They have lean waist and hips and flat tummy. Their dietary needs are similar to pears. They should include vegetables and fruits, oats, brown rice and sattu (buckwheat). They should eat low fat dairy products. Salty snacks, cheese and coffee are very bad for inverted pyramids and must be avoided at any cost.
  1. Hourglass figure: Hourglass shapes do not gain weight in any particular area. Their fat is distributed evenly throughout the body. They show some weight in arms, chest and knees. They have narrow waist and is most desired body shape by women; but even hourglass need to avoid dairy products. They should eat lots of salads with generous dressing of spices. Carbohydrates are generally harmful for them.

eating right for your body type

  1. Rectangle/strawberry shaped: Rectangles or ruler shape have overall same dimensions. Their shoulders and the hips are of the same width. They are not very curvy in the waist either. They must eat foods rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates such as chicken, fish, brown rice, wheat, etc. Fish is particularly is healthy for rectangles. They should keep away from white rice, aerated drinks, and sugary products.

These are general guidelines of what diets are best for particular body shapes. It is advisable to consult a dietitian for a detailed plan and exercise routine to maintain desired body weight and perfect figure.

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