Makeup for Your Bridal Trousseau

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Wedding marks the beginning of a new life for you. It’s quite natural that you wish to buy lots of  makeup for your wedding trousseau but let’s not forget that makeup generally has a short shelf life and there’s a high probability that it will be spoilt even before you may be able to use all of it. You have lots of options as there are different brands and price ranges to choose from and one of the most important deciding factors is your budget. bridal makeup Moreover, the makeup products should be purchased close to your wedding month as the old products are unhealthy for your skin. Here’s a list that will help you to organize your bridal trousseau:

1. Foundation makes your skin appear flawless and provides a great base for makeup but remember to buy the one that matches your skin tone. The foundation should not only make you look fabulous in your real life but also in photographs as you will attend a lot of functions and get togethers where you will be clicked quite often. Avoid using high SPF as it has a tendency to reflect light. foundation 2. Compact can be bought depending on the fact whether you prefer the matte look or not. In case you have oily skin, then compact will help to set your foundation. compact Image source:

3. Concealer must be bought if you suffer from the problem of dark circles as there will be a number of late night outs. concealer Image sources:,

4. Blushes should be selected according to your skin type. Powder and gel blushes are suitable for oily skin whereas cream blush is the best for dry skin. Select the colour that matches your cheeks when they are flushed after exercise. blushes Image source:

5. Highlighter gives a polished look to your skin while accentuating and lifting the contours. 6. Eyeshadows are best bought in the palette form and the most important thing to be considered about mascara is that it should be waterproof. Black eyeliner is adjustable with all types of makeup. eye makeup products Image source:

7. Pick up 5 to 6 shades of lipsticks depending on your choice and it should be a mixture of bright and pale colours that match with your dresses in your trousseau. Lip Gloss adds a hydrated look to your lips. Lip Liners should have the same colour as lipsticks. lipsticks-lipliners-lipgloss 8. Nail paints should match with your wedding dress and other dresses of your choice. You must also buy base coat along with nail paint remover. Revlon-nail-enamel 9. Loads of makeup brushes in the form of  foundation brush,  powder brushes, blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes. Makeup-Brush-Set Image source:

10. Blotting paper is generally overlooked but it’s an important part of a bridal kit as it is essential to keep you fresh by absorbing excess oil. 11. Apart from these you must also have sindoor, body moisturizer, face wash, shampoo and makeup remover in your makeup kit.

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