Fix Up Your Dry Hands And Nails With These Beauty Tips

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Winter is here and so is dry climate. With it come dry hands and brittle nails which can spoil your wedding day look in a second. Now who would want that? Having soft hands with manicured nails is a dream for every winter bride-to-be. If dry hands and fragile nails are causing serious trouble for you, there are ways you can turn the situation around and keep your hands and nails in great condition despite the harsh climate.

Beauty tips to fix up your dry hands and broken nails

Eat biotin-rich food 

Whole grains, fortified cereals, bananas, cauliflower etc are quite rich in biotin which strengthen the nail and make them thicker as well. Biotin supplements can do that also.

Beauty tips-bridal hands and nails tips


Use gloves for doing chores

Don’t overuse your hands and don’t do the dishes without wearing gloves. Most importantly, avoid using your nails like a soda bottle opener. Also, while doing dishes, dusting or washing clothes, wear gloves. The rough chemicals in the soaps damage your skin and make hands extremely dry.

Eat multivitamins

Vitamins help in fighting brittle nails. Vitamin A, C and Calcium are important to prevent broken nails. So, eat multivitamins regularly.

Beauty tips for dry hands


Wear hand gloves while going to bed

Apply some olive or coconut oil at night before bed. Cover up with socks and wake up to soft, gorgeous hands the next morning.

Exfoliate. Moisturize

We usually take care of our face by going for regular facials. But when it comes to our hands, we often forget the same. Hands need TLC too-so exfoliate them regularly using a homemade scrub of olive oil and brown sugar. Wash off with warm water.

Beauty tips for nails


Homemade mask for smooth hands

A mixture of gram flour (besan), yogurt, honey and turmeric can be used on dry hands to heal, soften and nourish dry skin. Apply the paste on the hands and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing clean. The honey acts as an antibacterial agent that soothes cracks and the turmeric acts as an antioxidant to reveal younger looking hands.

Massage the nails

Massaging the nails from time to time helps improve blood circulation. This prevents broken and chipped nails and prevents rough cuticles.

Follow these simple hacks and get beautiful soft hands on your Big Day!

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