Fun Ideas for a Beach Wedding

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If your dream of a beach wedding is finally coming true, you’re one lucky girl! And since, we’re talking about such an unconventional venue to get married, why not go two steps further and jazz up the entire feel and decor of your special day as well?


You’d be surprised at just how inspiring the elements can be and since you get to play around with a nautical theme for your wedding ceremony, we hope these little tips help you get started in a big way:


Sending nautical themed invitations to loved ones sets the mood for the celebrations that lie ahead. In fact, it’s a great way to announce the venue and general theme of the wedding as well. That way, your guests will be better prepared for what’s in store.



Chuck the idea of a traditional flower bouquet and opt for one made with seashells. You could use a variety of different hued seashells in different shapes and sizes. The best part is, your seashell bouquet could actually last a lifetime.


You don’t have to stick to traditional wear for your bridesmaids and guests. They could be wearing a garland made of seashells, holding pretty parasols as a prop or even be part of the ceremony bare-feet.


If you were getting married indoors, you would be walking down a red carpet or a pathway strewn with flowers. Well, since this is the beach, how about an aisle decorated with petals or with starfish instead?


Instead of flowers, how about letting the guests throw small beach balls up in the air or even release balloons after you both say ‘ I do’? You could even coordinate the colours to match what you’re wearing.


Use little nautical touches for the reception as well. For instance, you could write the name of each guest on an upturned seashell or even keep unlit candles on each table.


Who doesn’t love cake? And when you’ve got lovely beach wedding cakes such as these, you’re sure to hear plenty of oohs and aahs from the guests.


And, lastly, how about a little thankyou gesture for the guests who celebrated with you and your spouse?


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