Grandma’s Beauty Tips That Still Work Like Magic

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Grandma, the word is enough to make you smile. In less than a second, it can time-transport you to those carefree days of your childhood when life used to be so much fun thanks to those lip-smacking aachars and bedtime stories. Perhaps today, even in between your busy schedules, you still find the time to call her up whenever you need a suggestion or advice after a long, tiring day. Because grandmas have a magic wand with a twirl of which they can solve any problem; it is no wonder that her beauty tips are as helpful as they were a few decades ago. It is a given that her timeless beauty tips can never go wrong because she knows the best-kept beauty secrets. So today, we have gathered top 10 grandma’s beauty tips for you.

Top 10 Grandma’s Beauty Tips You Should Start Following Now

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1. Avoid harsh soaps for cleansing your face

Your mom and grandma have a flawless skin and you wonder why! Have you ever seen them using soap to cleanse their face? Perhaps not. And that’s the secret, really. Even if you run out of your face wash, never use soap. Instead, make a paste of besan (gram flour) and water and use that to cleanse your face.

2. Fight acne with lemon

Tired of trying anti-acne products and not getting any result? Switch to grandma’s beauty tips and start using lemon to treat those pesky pimples. Mix water and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply it on the pimples. Try not to apply it on your entire face as that can make the skin dry. Wash off after 20 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times a week for flawless skin. Always use a sunscreen when using this remedy as the acidic juice can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun’s rays.

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3. Use sugar for exfoliating your skin

Forget expensive exfoliating scrubs and embrace sugar instead. Back then, our grandmas didn’t have all these products. They used to simply make best of common kitchen ingredients. You can use a mix of sugar, honey, and milk as the natural scrub or add a tablespoon of sugar to some heavy cream and scrub the entire body.

4. Potatoes are great for dark circles

Get rid of the dark circles and puffy eyes which make you look unwell all the time with a piece of potato. Just take two slices of a raw potato, place them on the eyes and wash off after 10 minutes.

5. Use olive/coconut oil as your bathing oil

Why shell out a fortune on exotic, essential bathing oils when you can use olive/sesame or coconut oil that are readily available in your kitchen? According to grandma’s beauty tips, if you add a few drops of olive/sesame oil to your bathing water, you will get a soft, supple and glowing skin. Moreover, it will protect you from the environmental pollution when you go out. In fact, you’d be amazed to discover the benefits and versatility of olive oil. Dab a ball of cotton in olive oil and use it as a cleanser. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

grandma's beauty tips

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6. Try beetroot for lipstick

Cleopatra had not had expensive lipsticks of today, yet her beauty is still talked about today. Here’s your chance to flaunt your luscious lips just by applying beetroot juice on. First, add a dash of cinnamon powder to half tbsp of Shea butter and rub the mixture onto the lips after cleansing them properly. Wash this off after a minute or two. This remedy will plump up the lips by increasing blood flow. Next, rub a slice of beetroot to add some gorgeous natural colour. Try it – you’ll be amazed how wonderfully this natural lipstick matches every skin-tone.

7. Lemon juice for skin-whitening

Whether it’s your tanned skin, an uneven skin-tone or your nails which need to be whitened or your hair highlighted, lemon juice can do it all sans damage. The natural acid present in lemon juice does the trick. Apply the juice liberally over skin/hair and nails and let it work its magic.

8. Use silk pillowcases

Remember those royal silk pillow cases you still love to sleep on at your grandparents’ place? Well, they chose silk for a reason. First of all, silk is good for both skin and hair. Secondly, it does not crease the skin or make your hair frizzy. So go ahead and invest in silk pillowcases today!

9. Oil your hair at least once a week

Forget all those fancy hair oils; replace them with pure coconut or olive oil. Grandma would ideally advise you to oil your hair daily- but if you cannot, go ahead and get a weekly pampering massage to keep those tresses healthy.

10. Sleep well

Most importantly, get proper sleep to look and feel beautiful. Follow grandma’s advice and make sure that your body gets 8 hours of rest daily.

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