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For most women, their wedding day is the most extraordinary day in their life. You are going to be the centre of attraction on this day, and naturally wish to look your best.  Make sure that you feel relaxed and secure with the person you choose for giving you that perfect bridal look. Your chosen beautician will have a great deal of influence on that day; she can ensure you can sit back and lighten up!

Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect beautician for your special day so that you get that magical glow. Since this is the most special occasion for you, make the most of it by making smart and well informed choices.
An Experienced Beautician

Get the professional touch
A professional makeup artist will always tell you about the latest trends for that particular season. It’s worth having someone who’s experienced in the field and knows her art well. Ask around for referrals. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a good makeup artist. Such firsthand information will leave no room for error.
Choosing the best Bridal Package
Most bridal packages include makeup for pre and post marriage ceremonies as well. This will ensure a consistent and professional touch to your face giving you the perfect look, be it your sangeet, mehendi or cocktail party. Each ceremony will require a different look- it may not be elaborate hairstyles always- to suit the occasion. A simple hairstyle on your sangeet and an elaborate one on your wedding day will surely make you dazzle elegantly!!
Saree Draping

Stylish saree drape
Discuss the different saree draping styles with your beautician beforehand. This is mostly part of the bridal beauty package and make sure you try it out well in advance.
Listening to your Needs
Someone who is patient enough to listen to your needs will surely make you feel comfortable. A good beautician will not be imposing and will never force her suggestions on you. Make sure that she tries the look you wish to have on your D day, at least a few days before your wedding, so as to avoid any last minute panic.

Penny Wise
Keep the costs of the total package under check so as to avoid any hidden surprises. Decide beforehand what you need to carry with you to the salon and what the beautician will bring along. Be clear and specific about what to expect. Negotiate the cost and ask for reasonable discount.
With these tips we are sure you will be able to look out for the best beautician who will make you look like a princess through all the ceremonies on your wedding day.

Here are some great wedding beauty professionals.

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