Indian Bridal Apparel Must-Haves For Maharashtrian Brides

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Bridal Apparel Requisites of a Maharashtrian bride

In India, selection of the bridal apparel is the most important and time consuming aspect of the wedding preparation. Every community has its own special style of dress for the bride and the groom that is worn throughout the wedding ceremony. As there is so much to buy, it is important to know the different kinds of wedding attires that brides from different parts of the country wear on their special day. The selection of the sari colour and its style of draping differ from state to state.

Maharashtra exhibits a culture that is a blend of the northern Aryan and southern Dravidian culture. Wedding in Maharashtra extends up to a number of days. Traditionally the marriage takes place during the morning hours and at times in the afternoon, known as the Goraj muhurta. However a Marathi wedding never takes place in the night.

In a Marathi wedding, the bridal apparel should be such that the bride looks like goddess Parvati when draped in it. The attire that a bride wears on her wedding day is deeply connected with the customs and traditions of the family and the community to which she belongs. It is important to understand the local culture to appreciate the finer aspects of the bridal dress. Accessories or Jewellery a bride wears has a meaning and significance to it.

A typical Maharashtrian wedding is a kaleidoscope of religious ceremonies, festivities, dressing up and socializing, and is, undoubtedly, one of the most lavish and colourful events.  The bridal saree is usually Paithani, a silk saree with a golden border. Paithani is characterised by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a peacock design The hairstyle of a Maharashtrian bride is usually a bun adorned with mogra flowers (“gajara”). Nose ring or “Nath” is worn. The bindi is typical and shaped like a crescent moon with a dot below it. Bangles are always green in colour with interspersed gold bangles in between or on the sides. She looks gorgeous and graceful in her traditional outfit and gold jewellery. A Maharashtrian wedding also requires keeping the bride’s makeup simple, yet elegant. And that is why a Maharastrian bride’s makeup routine isn’t all that easy! You have to look simple yet beautiful.

Paithani saree

The traditional Marathi bridal dress is a nine yard sari also called as Nauvari that is draped typically in the traditional style and is usually tucked from in between the legs. Dressed in a beautiful yellow saree with a golden border, hair tied as a bun and decorated with pearl ornaments and gajra,  the  Maharashtrian bride certainly looks gorgeous! Apart from the attractive sunshine yellow of the saree, what sets her apart are the traditional ornaments that she dons. Maharashtrians mostly prefer blending in pearl jewellery along with gold ornaments. Let’s take a look at the typical adornments of a traditional Maharashtrian bride.

Traditional nauvari saree

This ornament is worn by the bride as well as the groom. It is basically a string (sometimes two) of pearls, that beautifully frames the face.

Kolhapuri saaz
This necklace with its origin in Kolhapur is made up of gold beads and a round pendant with a red stone.

Kolhapuri saaz

A typical Maharashtrian chooda is very different from the red chooda generally seen in our bollywood movies. A Marathi bride will wear green coloured glass bangles and in both hands. Patlya and tode , traditional bangles made in pure gold are worn along with these green bangles.

Tode-traditional bangles

The Maharashtrian nose pin, the nath, sets apart a Marathi bride from the rest. It is made of pearls and small coloured stones.


This black beads string completes the wedding jewellery of the bride. With new trends evolving every day, this is a must have for every married woman in Maharashtra.


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