Indian Groom Series- Wedding Accessory Ideas For The Groom

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It is your wedding day and you’re expected to shine in the limelight. Assuming that you will be wearing an Indian wedding outfit, which eye-catching wedding accessory can you wear to show off your fashionable side? Let’s take a look:

Sehrawedding turban

Pagdi: Always opt for a pagdi or turban that complements the colour of your sherwani without making it look flashy. For instance, if you are wearing a maroon outfit, go with a cream coloured pagdi with a slight touch of maroon for added effect. There are so many ways to wear a pagdi, so choose one that makes you look fab.

Indian groomIndian groom

Kalangi: If a simple turban isn’t enough, then add an ornate kalangi to it too. Kalangis made from real gemstones would undoubtedly be expensive but you can get really lovely semi-precious ones too. Go for a kalangi with one centre jewel on gold or silver for a wedding accessory that won’t be gaudy. Or, how about wearing a feather one instead, just like the Mughals once did?

Indian sherwaniwedding brooch

Brooches- If you plan on wearing a sherwani that has self-design patterns on it, then wear a brooch as a single wedding accessory too. Brooches are hard to spot when worn with fully embroidered Indian wedding wear and if you invest in a good piece that can be worn with both Indian and Western wear, it will also last you for years to come. Pearls, semi-precious stones and even platinum will look great on you.

Indian jewelleryIndian Jewellery

Jewellery- Studs and even long chains look great as a wedding accessory when worn with Indian wedding wear. For a truly regal look, wear a double strand pearl chain just as the kings in ancient times used to.


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