Tips To Get the Best Indian Wedding Photographs

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Wedding photographs are probably the most important aspect of the great Indian wedding festivities. Although this aspect is almost never neglected,  there also isn’t much attention  given to  its details and hence  a miniscule budget is allotted for it. But the picture is changing and the bride and groom themselves are paying special attention to their wedding images and also as to who is alloted the responsibility of capturing those memories.  The latest trend in  Indian Wedding Photographs is to find a photographer who can capture the emotions and soul of the wedding festivities. Following are some tips to put your best foot forward and get wedding photos that will be make memories forever:

Modern take on pics

Meet your photographer and explain your idea of your wedding album. Get to know the photographer’s idea,  his plans and props. It is best to exchange your ideas much in advance so that the expectations are set clearly. Don’t hesitate and answer the photographer’s questions. All he is trying to do is find a connection on which he can build a series of wedding photos that are special to you both.

It is extremely difficult to get exclusive time with the couple during the wedding for  Indian wedding photographs and hence the photographer would have to get most of the shots as the events occur. Try and set aside a slot of 20-30 minutes with the photographer for your planned shots. Once the photographer gets this opportunity, it gives him the freedom to work his magic.


It won’t hurt to designate a younger but influential member of your entourage as the co-ordinator to take the responsibility of the photographer. If the photographer is well looked after, he’ll be able to get the best wedding images. Also this influential person can divert the family and friends to other tasks while you are left alone with your partner to concentrate on the shoot.

This co-ordinator can also help familiarise the photographer with the really close family members. This will help capture the wedding pictures with the close relatives and friends. This is necessary because all invited think they are close to the couple. But it is you who knows who is actually important. You will be busy with the rituals, so this is where the co-ordinator takes over.

Dressing up photo-op

It often happens that the couple and the family have contrasting ideas about the wedding album. If such is the situation, it helps to have two photographers. One who clicks all pictures in general with everyone while the other can be designated to click the special moments with a modern touch.

A dressing up session is increasing in trend. A bride maybe hesitant to have a male photographer take shots of her getting ready for the D-day, but such  Indian Wedding Photographs makes for a really good photo-op in the story telling format of the album. Make sure your family is informed and prepared for this.

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