Eight Low Calorie Healthy Mid-Meal Snacks

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Mid-meal cravings are the biggest culprit behind all those bulges and folds of fat on your body. Healthy snacking habits can go a long way in helping you reduce weight, and stay healthy forever.

However, in this world of samosas, chaat, mithais, and other sinful snacks, finding a healthy answer to your mid-meal cravings can be difficult. So, here is a list of some healthy Indian snacks that can curb your temptation without piling up unnecessary calories:

Spiced nuts

Roasted, spiced nuts are an extremely healthy and tasty way to satisfy your hunger without adding up too many calories.

Spiced nuts


One of the healthiest ways to satisfy mid-meal cravings is to have fresh fruit smoothies or shakes. Avoid adding sweeteners or artificial flavours.



Idlis are an all time favourite south Indian breakfast dish. It makes a great snack as well. By giving it a little twist, like replacing rice with oats, you can make it even healthier.



This Indian dish made with flattened or beaten rice makes an amazing mid meal snack. Avoid adding potatoes, or fried onions to reduce the calorie count further.



These thin, crisp disc like savouries are an instant answer to your mid-meal temptations. Just keep them in the microwave for a minute, and you are good to go.



There cannot be a better snack than an apple, orange, some grapes, or any other fresh fruit.

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Paneer tikka

Marinated and barbequed cottage cheese makes a super delicious, and healthy snack.

paneer tikka

Sprout salad

Rich in proteins, and low on calories, a sprout salad is a superbly healthy mid-meal snack.

sprout salad

So, whenever you feel hungry in between the meals, go for one of these snacks rather than hogging on French fries, samosas, and other friend stuff.









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