8 Simple Ways of Having An Eco-Friendly Wedding Celebration

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It is not surprising that many couples today are choosing to ‘go green’ when it comes to tying the knot. Many already have an environmentally and socially conscious mindset and it is only natural for them to extend this philosophy to their wedding day as well.

So what exactly is an eco friendly wedding?

An eco friendly wedding is an environmentally conscious wedding that involves making ‘earth friendly’ choices. Planning an eco friendly wedding in India is no longer a dream today but a reality thanks to professional wedding and event planners that help work out all the details and incorporate the ‘green theme’ into the wedding celebrations.



Celebs like Keira Knightley had a small wedding with 11 guests and she even recycled her wedding dress!

Benefits of an eco friendly wedding

There are several benefits of having an eco friendly wedding:


 Small intimate temple wedding (image: benfieldphoto.com)

  • Green weddings use less toxic materials and petroleum based products thereby conserving natural resources. They also involve recycling of materials, flowers and the bridal apparel. Thus, they help create a positive impact on the planet.
  • Intimate and smaller wedding ceremonies are often green and eco friendly. These naturally help one save money.
  • Many vendors and suppliers today help incorporate the ‘green’ theme into weddings. Couples can fulfill a great socio-economic responsibility by helping support these vendors by buying their services and products.

Here are 8 simple ways in which one can incorporate the eco-friendly theme in their wedding celebrations:


Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone incorporated a vegan(plant-based) menu on her wedding day. (Image www.suzyclement.com)

  1. MenuHave a plant based menu. A vegetarian meal using locally grown ingredients can help make the wedding eco friendly. Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone had a vegan menu on her wedding day, and it was surprisingly enjoyable and tasty for her guests. She also made the simple choice of using vegetables for the centerpieces instead of flowers.
  2. Venue– A venue closer to home or the hotel where the guests are staying can help reduce the usage of petrol thus reducing carbon footprint.
  3.  Wedding dresses and jewelry– Modern bridal apparel often involve chemical dyeing processes that are harmful to the environment. One can opt for local, hand woven bridal wear or even rent one, since many online and offline companies offer such services. One can even wear heirloom bridal apparel and jewelry pieces that have been handed down from the generations. This kind of ‘recycling’ is not only economical but also good for the planet. It is also considered ‘hip’; didn’t Bebo recently choose to wear her mother-in-law’s Lehenga for her wedding?
  4. Flower arrangements– Many florists help recycle flowers and also work with succulent plant arrangements that can actually be re-grown once the wedding is over.
  5. Wedding cakes– No frosting no-fuss wedding cakes can still look good and are also healthier than the ones with sugary frosting.
  6. Invitations– Couple can send out e-invites or use recycled paper for making the invitation cards.
  7. Bridal registry– If you are using a bridal registry, make sure you enlist only eco friendly products in it.
  8. Charity– Many vendors help support local environmental, educational and social causes. When you choose these vendors, you are naturally supporting these charities.wedding-picturesdotoneweddotcom

Recycled wedding jewelry. (Image: www.wedding-pictures.onewed.com)no-cake-wedding-cake-no-frosting-cream-puff-lady-m-confections

Simple wedding cake-no fuss-no frosting (Image: Lady M Confections)weddingcardsinbrassmetal-anandprakashdotcom

Recycled wedding cards-image: anandprakash.com

Remember that there will always be people who will say that a wedding is one occasion to splurge and not think about the outcome. But if you truly wish to incorporate your green mindset into your wedding, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Who knows, you can even set an example and raise the same awareness among friends and family!

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