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Perhaps no other country has weddings as elaborate as those celebrated in India. Not only is there a complex array of traditions and rituals involved, with advancement in technology, things have evolved even more in other aspects like the invitation cards, bridal attire, the wedding venues and so on.

Marriott India strives to be a one-stop resource for all your wedding needs-be it planning the décor, the catering, arranging the pre-wedding functions and numerous other requirements of grand Indian weddings. The enterprise is now offering everything couples need for making their dream wedding into a reality. With their range of service offerings, Marriott India is taking weddings from traditional to contemporary, ensuring a luxurious experience for various budgets.

weddings at Marriott India


Most of you already know of Marriott and its vast portfolio. For the uninitiated, we are listing it again: first there is The Courtyard by Marriott followed by JW Marriot, Fairfield Inn and Suites and the Ritz Carlton. And like the flagship, each of these understands their client’s desire of having the perfect dream wedding. With bespoke dream décor and customized indoor and outdoor banquets, every couple can tie the knot in style taking wedding vows in the laps of luxury.

Marriott along with their partners (all-encompassing teams of wedding planners, caterers, bridal makeup artists and hair stylists, world class wedding photographers, decorators, designers and florists) promises you a personalized wedding experience.  These teams will go the extra mile to guarantee you a wedding which is the stuff dreams are made of. These professionals will sit down with you to discuss the minutest of details so you get exactly what your heart desires.

weddings at Marriott India

Weddings are an important fabric of society and Indian weddings, over the past few years, have undergone a paradigm shift. Traditions are making way to uniqueness and individualism as each couple wants a ceremony that has never been seen before and is talked about for years to come. Modern Indian bridal families also wish to make a style statement by thinking out of the box and customizing each and every thing from the tiniest detail be it the wedding stationery, the cutlery, the wedding favours and so on.

Today, weddings are no longer about chanting hymns and performing rituals while guests watch. Neither are weddings about standard décor or buffet with posed for wedding photography. Brides and grooms today make sure that each of their guests gets to live a unique experience. So they are deciding on oft overlooked details like where each guest would be seated, how s/he would be entertained and what elegant gift bags they would take home.

The emergence of trends and themes

Today, Indian couples are opting for trendy themed weddings- whether it is a colour coordinated décor and attire or Do-It-Yourself gifts and favours to natural or outdoor -garden themed soirees. Some of these mention-worthy themes also include Bollywood theme, vintage theme, glamorous theme and intimate and cozy theme.

weddings at Marriott India

The Venues

Based on these themes, weddings have now moved away from the traditional Mangal Karyalayas and AC banquet halls to the more glamorous and unique locales that include exotic destinations like Goan beaches to forts and palaces of Rajasthan and other luxurious destinations in India or abroad to give a one-of-a-kind experience. These locales and venues provide a breathtaking backdrop for stunning wedding photos.

Décor Flowers and Lighting

Imagine an evening ceremony, where you make a grand entrance on petal covered pathways in shimmering lights. Talented wedding planners and decorators from Marriott teams are experts in using lights and flowers as the central or focal points of wedding décors. From lighting all trees at the venue or using candles, tea lights or chandeliers, there are numerous creative ways in which these elements can be used to add charisma to a given wedding venue. Chinese style lanterns, or desi earthern or metal lamp posts can also create a soothing and elegant atmosphere.

weddings at Marriott India

Flowers too form an integral part of the Indian wedding décor. Talented florists and decorators from Marriott are adept at using creativity to take wedding flower arrangements to a whole new level. Be it wooden screens and walls covered with alternating arrangements of marigolds and string lights or the use of flower petals to welcome guests as they walk down to the seating area; there are literally a million ways to use flowers at the venue. Marriott banquet spaces provide an ideal setup and plenty of scope to utilize both lighting and floral elements. This way, couples can truly reflect their personal style and themes they have in mind.

Today, wedding planners are seeing a rising trend in demand for exotic, seasonal and non-seasonal flowers including orchids, chrysanthemums, marigolds, roses, wildflowers etc. These can be mixed with other materials like lace, tulle, fabric, brooches, jewelry satin etc for creating unique arrangements.


More brides are demanding fusion catering for their wedding menus, so apart from traditional Indian fares, guests are also getting to sample World cuisine. Today, guests are known to have different dietary needs: from ultra health conscious to the picky eaters to strictly vegetarian guests; wedding hosts have to take all these varied needs into account. The Marriott team understands this need and offers catering stations providing vegan food, vegetarian food, salad bars, sushi platters and calorie-limited dessert counters.

Traditional buffets are definitely out now as the focus is on classy family style dining. This is what Indian wedding parties are also demanding. So, cozy comfortable and elegant dining is preferred over having guests to wait in long lines. This way, they can comfortably enjoy seated meals.

Morning weddings are also seeing a new trend- those of wedding brunches. These consist of continentals spreads that include waffle and pancake counters, egg stations, burger stands and so on. Marriott Indian has always been known for its range of delicious cuisine from  different parts of India as well as from around the world. It understands these diverse needs to customize food and ensures leaving you and your guests impressed and full.

Wedding desserts and cakes

More Indian weddings are seeing cakes in their menu offerings apart from usual traditional desserts like Gulab Jamuns, ice creams, Rabdis, kulfis etc. Wedding cakes are also getting flamboyant as the talented pastry chefs from Marriott whip up flambé on the spot and impress your guests. Apart from traditional 2 or 3 tier cakes, you can also demand huge 5 or 7 tiered cakes, Sari cakes, Indian royal or thematic wedding cakes, pastry cakes, cheese cakes, cup cakes etc. By adding metallic and floral elements and by additionally incorporating seasonal colours and fresh fruits in the cakes, your wedding will surely be talked about for years to come.


Technology is the mainstay of weddings in the country and no one understands this better than the Marriott. From wearable technology to 3D dessert printing to Instagram and Tweets, planners know and realize that Smartphones will be clicking away as you say your vows. Drone wedding photography is another such trend that involves shooting your wedding on film from high up in the air. Marriott helps enable this use of technology in order to ensure taking your celebration to  whole new level.

One stop wedding planning with Marriott

Whether your Big Day includes intimate family gathering for traditional exchange of Indian wedding vows or you prefer an elaborate and extravagant affair in one of the exotic destinations across the globe; the Marriott will partner with you and your family to enhance your vision. Wedding planning specialists can collaborate every step of the way with you to bring your dream ceremony and reception to life.

Marriott trains and certifies all of these weddings specialists and professionals so that each member is qualified to handle all kinds of weddings. You can rely on their expertise and experience to get you the one-of-a-lifetime experience.

Create lasting memories within your city or outside it with Marriott India!

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