All That You Need To Know About Ring Resizing

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If you feel that your wedding or engagement ring isn’t sitting as snugly as it ought to on your finger, or if it’s a tad too tight, don’t fret because your jeweller will be able to resize the ring for you in just a few days. So, what actually happens during ring resizing and what should facts should you be aware of ?

How Do I Make My Ring Smaller?

Jewelers have no trouble making a big ring smaller so that it fits you perfectly simply because its easier to make rings smaller than to make them bigger. What happens is that, your jeweller will take a new measurement of your finger, measure it against the actual ring size and then decide how much of the ring needs to be cut away. Yes, ring resizing requires cutting out a small portion and then re-soldering the two pieces back together. A smooth polish which is used to give the ring shine also ensures that the job is done to perfection and nobody will be able to tell that your ring has been resized at all.  Here’s what you need to know- when the soldering has been done perfectly, the soldered area will be flat and polished and there will not be any visible dents. If you do spot a dent, it’s a good indication that the band is very thin at that particular spot and that your ring will break into two sometime later on frequent use. Talk to your jeweller about adding more metal to any weak spot so that your wedding ring lasts longer.

How Do I Make My Ring Bigger?

If your ring is too tight right now and just cannot be worn comfortably at all, then the next option is to make it bigger by ring resizing. Making a ring bigger also requires soldering of two pieces which have been stretched out to achieve maximum length. However, here is the catch- Stretching any metal can be done to not more than a half size increase in length as making the ring any bigger could adversely affect the durability of the metal itself. Do keep in mind that the material used (gold, silver, platinum or a mix) and the design of the band itself need to be studied in detail by the jeweller before any actual soldering is done.

So, Can All Metals Be Resized?

Well, that depends on what kind of metal has been used to make your ring. Titanium is tough to work with and that’s why most jewellers would prefer to leave titanium rings just as they are without ring resizing. Secondly, if the design of the ring itself is pretty intricate and there are gemstones involved, ring resizing could actually change the entire look of the band itself. Resizing rings with inset gemstones requires removing the stones first before cutting and soldering. Other than diamonds, most other gemstones could get destroyed or lose their sheen when in direct contact with high heat.

As always, nobody can give you better advice on ring resizing than your jeweller, and that’s why it’s best to consult him first!

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