Latest Wedding Ring Trends

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In our parent’s generation, not many newly-wed couples gave much thought about what they wanted their wedding ring to look like. In fact, a simple wedding band made of gold with the name of one’s partner engraved in it was good enough. Today, however, wedding rings are an entirely different story altogether with modern day couples preferring bands that are unique, elegant and which tell a story.



And if you thought that a huge solitaire was good enough, it’s likely that you will be told that this design is no longer much in demand or even in fashion. So, what exactly is new in the world of wedding ring shopping?




Firstly, gold is no longer the much sought after metal for wedding rings. If you are a gold lover, you are probably wondering why anybody would want to go with another alternative but these days gold is a metal that is mostly associated with heirlooms and generations gone by. This generation prefers metals like platinum and silver which are not just light-weight to wear but which look fashionable too.




Online retail has made it possible for couples sitting here in India to check out what the latest designs in the UK or Australia are. On the other hand, many world famous jewellery retailers are now willing to exhibit and retail their latest designs online as well. Earlier, there used to be a sense of apprehension that exclusive designs would be copied and re-produced. The world of online retail has opened up many venues of inspiration for couples everywhere.




Wedding ring designers and retail shops are once again highly in demand. That is because unlike in the yesteryears where a wedding ring symbolised love and strength, today’s couples want their wedding rings to get noticed and to capture a poignant moment. Limited edition pieces or really expensive designer wedding rings are no longer about the expense involved and are seen more as an investment instead.




His & Her wedding bands which share a similar design or which create a unique design when placed together are quite in demand. Nobody engraves the name of their partner in enamel these days; on the other hand, couples prefer to engrave the wedding date or the wedding location inside the ring instead. Wedding rings created keeping the respective birthstones of the partners in mind are also popular.


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