8 Designs From The New Evara Platinum Bridal Jewellery Collection We Are Totally Loving Right Now!

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Today’s Indian bride wants more than just traditional jewellery. She wants to feel like a princess, she wants to feel exquisite and wants jewellery that shows off her personality beautifully. Just like a wedding bond can be timeless, so can jewellery last for generations to come. It’s no surprise then that platinum is winning the hearts and minds of Indian brides all over the country. In order to celebrate a bride’s special day, Evara has launched its special bridal collection that’s special, affordable and priceless.

So, why platinum and then again, why not? Not only is it the rarest metal on earth but when paired with delicate diamonds and stones, Evara platinum bridal jewellery ascends to a completely different level of beauty altogether. And no, you don’t have to worry about whether Evara platinum bridal jewellery will blend in with your wedding saree or gown because the designs are modern and can be worn with just about anything. Here are our Evara platinum bridal jewellery favourites:

Design 1

evara platinum bridal jewellerySoft drops beautifully complement the necklace. We recommend this set for brides who want jewellery that isn’t loud but which will stand apart and yes, it can be worn elegantly at the reception as well.

Design 2

evara platinum bridal jewellery

Wearing a pristine white gown for your wedding day? Then pick this Evara platinum bridal jewellery set which adds a sparkle to your skin and gown. Add a platinum bangle or bracelet and you’re ready to say your vows.

Design 3

evara platinum jewellery


For the bride who wants her Evara platinum bridal jewellery to speak a thousand words, we recommend pairing this gorgeous set with a lehenga in a deep shade. The three strands of platinum merge to form a cusp, which is reminiscent of a groom holding his bride’s hand forever.

Design 4

evara platinum for Indian brides

As a bride gets wedded, she also embarks on a new journey. Note the way the platinum strands merge together to form a loop signifying the merging of the old and the new. What adds to the uniqueness is that each part of this Evara platinum bridal jewellery necklace has a different design.

Design 5

Evara platinum jewelery collection

When you’re wearing a strapless or a low-neck gown at the reception, wear this jewellery set that’s simply breath taking. At first sight, it looks rather heavy, but is actually quite light to wear and its modern net inspired design is without a doubt pretty. Mini diamonds add to its glamour.

Design 6

Evara platinum jewelery collection

The bride was wearing a deep ruby red saree and as she sat before the sacred fire, this Evara platinum bridal jewellery set simply added to her radiance. Is that bride you?

Design 7

Evara platinum jewelery collection

We girls love our platinum and why stop with just one pretty strand? Take a look at this lovely platinum set which has three strands instead. It’s the ideal jewellery to opt for when wearing a saree.

Design 8

evara platinum bridal jewellery

Brides who choose to wear a gown should wear this lovely Evara platinum bridal jewellery set. It’s eye catching and sits delicately against the skin, making you look feminine and pretty.

All images courtesy Evara Platinum Jewellery

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