Offbeat Ideas For Indian Weddings- 2

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We are back with the second part of our article on offbeat ideas for modern day weddings and on how you can implement them easily irrespective of the venue:


Time to Dance: It is a wedding after all and it’s only expected that guests will come wearing their best- including footwear. Tight shoes, stilettos, heels and other fancy footwear do make it difficult for guests to let their hair down on the dance floor. But here’s how you can bring out the dancer in all your guests- have a rack or basket filled with flip flops or dancing shoes for the guests (with free sizes of course) and keep this just outside the reception hall. We bet your guests will have the time of their lives!


Guest Kits: Let’s assume you plan to have a destination wedding and you’ve wanted to keep the actual wedding location a secret from your guests. We are certain they will love the surprise, but they may also be upset to find out that they haven’t packed right for the celebrations to follow. In order to avoid such a scenario, keep guest kits handy for each guest with toiletries that they will find useful as well as with extra accessories that are appropriate for the venue. For example, a beach hamper is perfect for beach weddings whereas warm clothing like shawls or sweaters are ideal if the weather is cold. This offbeat idea will go a long way in ensuring that everybody has a good time!


‘Couple’ of Things: Assuming that you’ve seen your fair share of weddings, how well do you actually know the bride or the groom? Weddings are always formal in nature and very rarely do guests get to know little tid-bits about the new couple or interesting facts about them as well. How about placing small notes about you and your partner on each table? You could mention a few hobbies, common interests, talk about how you first met or even just a few words about yourself. This offbeat idea gives your guests a peek at your individual personalities.


Doing a bit of Good: Many modern day couples ask guests not to gift them any presents but instead encourage them to make a donation to a charity in their name. Needless to say, it’s a fantastic way to give back to society and also encourages everybody to do their bit. Many charities such as CRY also retail products that are often gifted by corporations to their employees. Why not skip gifting expensive luxury goodies to your guests and give them a hamper that has been made by a charity organisation or by a NGO instead? There’s no better way to touch the lives of those who need it the most.

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