Practical Tips To Reduce Your Wedding Reception Catering Bill- Part 2

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As promised, we’re back with more useful tips on how to make those little changes which could have a big impact on your wedding reception catering bill:


Choose the right venue. Almost all hotels insist on guests using their in-house catering services for weddings and you are likely to find that most other reputed wedding halls and venues also promote one or two caterers of their choice. Go with a wedding venue that can seat your invited guests comfortably and which allows you to bring in your own caterer. Make sure you are allowed to make your own beverage and liquor arrangements as well.


Avoid a sit-down family dinner kind of meal, unless you are inviting just a handful of guests to be a part of your wedding. If that is the case, then you will find that a sit-down meal makes room for plenty of interaction and adds a personal touch to the meal itself. On the other hand, if your guests number over fifty, you’ll find that a buffet style spread is a sanity and money saver in so many ways!


Most couples love to be photographed cutting a lavish wedding cake, but if you actually spare a thought, you’d realise that the wedding cake is rarely served to the guests. Although, it does look rather grand, a two or three tiered cake is expensive and it would be cheaper to go with a single layered fondant cake. Why not serve mini or medium sized cupcakes to the guests as a part of dessert?


Think about the number of extra hands you really want to hire. Most caterers do have their own team of waiters and servers and sometimes, the hiring charges are also added to the wedding reception catering bill whereas other caterers may not charge anything extra at all. Watch out for any hidden expenses and if you are charged extra per waiter, keep the number to a minimum. If you go with a self-serve option, your guests will also not expect to be waited on during the wedding reception.

Do you have any other tips on how brides can reduce their wedding reception catering bill? We’d love to hear from you!

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