Real Weddings: Sandeep&Rich’s Sikh-Christian Fusion Wedding by The Secret Wedding Blog

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This week we have a delightful Sikh-Christian wedding sent in by our fellow-blogger, Raj, founder of  The Secret Wedding blog , all the way from the UK! Cannot stop gushing over these photos!- Such a beautiful wedding!

Bride & Groom: Sandeep and Rich

Wedding theme: The couple had a traditional Sikh ceremony in a Gurdwara followed by a Christian ceremony the next day along with an elegant reception. (Since the time they dated (for 10 years!), the couple was clear that they would have two ceremonies. )

Their wedding was described as an amazing day, “filled with emotions, traditions and love “by family and friends.  Says Sandeep ” It was my dream as a young girl to wear a ‘white wedding gown and have a Sikh ceremony’. I was fortunate enough to get the wedding of my dreams”
Sandeep’s Advice to other brides-to-be:  For brides considering a cross-cultural wedding the following tips can come in handy:
  •  Talk with your family first especially if your parents are traditional
  • See how you can incorporate their desires with your own
  • Create your budget to combine both ceremonies
  • Find a DJ who can accommodate for both sides i.e. Bhangra and English music.
  • Only invite guest who will be happy for you! Do you realllllllly need to invite your auntie’s  brother’s cousin’s daughter? Weddings are more personal if you invite people who know the couple getting married. This also cuts costs!
  • Respect the traditions of your partners religion/culture and come to a compromise.

” Remember – multicultural weddings are the new way of thinking while leaving behind the old fashioned views. At the end of the day, if you and your partner are happily in love, that is all that should matter. You will both find a way for it to work around your religions. So, don’t be scared of what people think, otherwise you won’t get your happily ever after!”

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About The Secret Wedding Blog: Raj, the founder of the SWB describes herself as ‘a Sikh girl brought up in an non-Asian culture’. She started the Secret Wedding Blog in late May 2013 to showcase real weddings emphasising the take on multicultural weddings.

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