Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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Pre-Wedding Photography, First Look Photography or Engagement Photography-call it by any name; portrait sessions of this sort can help you (the bride and groom) get comfortable with your wedding photographer. The fact is: you are going to be spending a great deal of time with your photographer on your D-Day. A pre wedding shoot will help you understand how he/she works and also help you establish a rapport with him.

Not everyone is comfortable while being photographed: when you opt for a pre wedding shoot, you are likelier to be relaxed on the D-day. Your nervousness and anxiety will definitely be reduced and that is certainly very important on the day of the Wedding.

Many brides and grooms are known to blink while having their pictures taken; a pre-wedding shoot can help the photographer learn such details regarding his clients. The photographer can also get an idea as to whether he needs to take candid shots on the main day, since many brides and grooms cannot “smile when asked to”.


Apart from these important reasons, pre-wedding captures are certain to be a lasting reminder of one’s engagement period. Professionally captured images are bound to be more impressive than the shots you have had taken on vacations etc.

Many professional photographers also offer pre-wedding shoots as a part of their entire package, though a few charge extra for them. Some offer these snaps on disk and may even give you a framed picture or two. Different photographers have different styles of working and an in-person interview with one can give you an insight regarding one’s method of working.

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A few tips for having a great pre-wedding photo shoot:

  1. Try to allocate ample time for the shoot, so you are relaxed
  2. Try wearing comfortable clothes preferably classic/timeless ones without logos.
  3. For a wider range of images, try to experiment with jackets, hats, scarves etc.

And, one final reason why you need to opt for a pre-wedding photo session: You can use these pictures to announce to your friends on social media networks regarding your wedding date!

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2) Ritabrata Mukherjee

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