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Gujarati Bridal Apparel
India is an amalgamation of many cultures and traditions. Every community and region in India has a different story to narrate. Indian wedding is characterized by elaborate rituals and traditions. A grand affair, marriage is an essential step towards oneness, taken by both the bride and the groom. The weddings in India usually are extravagant and splendid events. We give you a sneak peek at the Guajarati bridal dress.

Gujrati bride

Song and Dance
Gujarati wedding reflects the tradition prevalent in the state. Like all other weddings in India, Gujarati wedding too are fun filled ceremonies and are best identified for its symbolic rituals.
The wedding ceremonies in this western part of India are an array of interesting rituals and practices. Any Gujarati marriage is incomplete without hours of dancing. Even the bride or ladi and the bride Groom or lada are invited to the Marriage Dance.

The Gujarati wedding is held in the morning hours and finishes up before Night. Gujarati weddings are known for their royalty and grandiosity where Gujarati bride is dressed in heavy zari work lehenga along with Kundan jewelry.The attire that a bride wears on her wedding day is deeply connected with the customs and traditions of the family and the community to which she belongs The Wedding Dress of a Gujarati Bride is called as Panetar. It is made up generally in georgette with heavy embroidery and sequin work. The Panetar is a white sari with a red Bandhini border and the other is the Gharchola which is a red Bhandini sari with gold checks running across it and Bhandini motifs. The style of wearing the sari is different with the Pallav facing the front. Gujarati brides are dressed in red, the colour considered auspicious by them like many other communities too.

panetar saree


Given the colorful and festive mood of Gujarati weddings, jewellery finds its share of importance in a bride’s ensemble. Gold, kundan and diamond ornaments complement a Gujarati bride’s wedding attire. Hair is tied back in a neat bun or braid, and covered with the sari pallu or a dupatta, while the forehead is adorned with a matha tikka and a bindi. The bride is adorned in artistic jewellery from top to bottom. Traditional Indian jewellery like necklaces, hasadi, earrings, mix of gold and glass bangles, patla, rings, toe rings, variety of neckwear, earrings, rings, borlas (head ornament), nathni(nose ring), chudisandkangans (bangles) all form part of a Gujarati bride’s wedding ensemble. An armlet orbajuband around the forearm and a waistband or kamarband completes the bridal look. It is believed that jewellery strengthens and signify the sanctity of the bond. The Gujarati bride sports the typically Gujarati Mangalasutra interspersed with gold and black beads with a pendant in a traditional design. These beads are believed to protect the marriage against evil. The traditional ‘mangalasutra’ usually in gold, comes in various forms and sizes and also with diamond pendants.



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