6 Tips for the Best Bridal Hair

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Everything from your bridal wear to the shoes to the make-up is ready. But you still don’t know what do with your hair. Whether to get a new haircut or not is a dilemma every bride faces. Then there is the pressure of keeping the style in perfect shape. More often than not, we’ve seen wedding day fiasco owing to hair issues. The main reason behind that? Leaving hair styling decisions until the last minute. We tend to forget to factor in the time required for the hair style as well. Maximum attention is paid to the face and make-up and hair is left behind. We have a few do’s and don’ts for best bridal hair.

1. Get a good haircut

Get a haircut at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding. This will give your hair enough time to settle into the length. Try to stick to a style that suits you. If you decide to get a new hair cut and do not like it, there’s no time to change it. Go to your hair stylist with some ideas in mind. Take some magazines or pictures along with you. This will help the hairstylist understand your vision for the wedding day. Never leave the hairstyle of the wedding day completely on the stylist. Make sure s/he knows what you want.

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2. Keep some length

Keep a bit of length for your hair. Medium to long hair is easy to style on the wedding day. Also there are a lot of wedding hair do’s that look good on medium to long hair. Don’t cut your hair too short. Unless you want to flaunt your pixie haircut, inform your stylist that you need extensions for the wedding day.

3. Get regular hair spa

Go for a hair spa appointment 10 to 12 days prior to the wedding. This will make your hair look glossy and nourished on the big day.

4. Accessorize

You can collect hair accessories that you want to use and leave them with the stylist before the wedding. Don’t use very heavy hair accessories. Make sure they suit your dress.

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5. Take weather/climate into account

Know the season of your wedding and notice how your hair is during that particular season. Convey this to your stylist.

6. Choose a color you are comfortable with

Don’t try a dramatic new hair colour. You want to be comfortable with your hair at the wedding and afterwards. Try not to use unfamiliar products on your hair. You could be allergic to them.

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