Tips on How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destination

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Getting married is just half the fun, the other half lies in the honeymoon! Did you know that the word ‘honeymoon’ refers to the ancient practice in which involved newly married couples consumed a drink made from honey, for almost one month after their wedding?  Today, newly married couples don’t just spend months putting together an unforgettable wedding ceremony; they also put in just as much effort in planning all the honeymoon nitty-gritties.

So, have you decided where you and your spouse would like to go or do you feel dazed while going through colourful brochures and pamphlets? Sometimes, it gets hard to decide which honeymoon destination is really the ‘perfect’ one or to decide if you should combine two or three different destinations in a single trip. But don’t worry; we tell you about a few factors you should consider when making this decision


Your Budget

Irrespective of where the best place for a honeymoon you think is, in the end it all comes down to how much you really want to spend. This is definitely an important joint decision you need to make with your spouse. Once you both decide how much you are willing to spend for a few days of vacation, you only need to consider those spots which fit your budget comfortably. Also make allowances for other activities like eating out, shopping, sight-seeing, any other outdoor activities etc while deciding the final figure.



Decide the Itinerary

Honeymoon destination related decisions are usually taken by the wife in most marriages, and so it’s not unusual to find shopping, visiting relatives and sight-seeing listed as the top priorities on most honeymoon itineraries. However, what’s important to remember is that your spouse and you may have different interests and the best honeymoon trip is one that is a balance of both individual preferences. If outdoor activities are something your spouse enjoys, include that in your itinerary as well. A trip such as this gives you ample time to understand your spouse better!


Keep the weather in mind

Sometimes, even the best laid plans fall prey to unpredictable weather. But that shouldn’t stop you from having some idea about the weather conditions in the destination you are planning to visit. Many couples these days are choosing not to take a honeymoon trip immediately after the wedding but prefer to wait for a few months instead. Remember to pack extra clothes or anything else you may need just in case you do run into unexpected weather.



Read Up

Don’t simply go by the advice other people give you. There are plenty of great travel sites on the net which give unbiased feedback about how good or bad a honeymoon destination really is, because most of the content on such sites has been written by actual travellers themselves. In addition, you may even come across helpful suggestions and feedback which could help you prepare better for your trip as well.


A honeymoon destination should really be just about following your dreams and enjoying every minute together with your partner. One last word of advice: don’t forget to switch off your mobile phone and leave your laptop behind too!

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