Tips on How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Every girl dreams of getting married to her Prince Charming wearing a gorgeous flowing white gown and if your lucky day is coming up soon, isn’t it time you began your hunt for the perfect wedding dress?

gown9Sure, you’re likely to find more than one dress that makes you look like a princess straight from a fairy-tale but every to- be bride wants that one gown that will make her simply unforgettable. So, stop sighing while pouring over those wedding magazines and take a look at our easy to follow tips to find the dress of your dreams:

gown4Decide on the appropriate look- Let’s face it, you may dream of wearing a short dress with a halter-neck or a gown with a tight fit. But since weddings in India are always an occasion for the family to celebrate together, it’s important that you consider the sensibilities of your elders as well. On your special day, the only comments you really want to hear are praises of how good you looked, not how wrong the dress was. If your family prefers a more modest touch, remember it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style either. Take your pick from a number of available designs in exquisite fabric.


Get the right fit– Getting the right dress is just half the challenge, but how do you look in it? Does the dress hide unwanted flab and project the best of you or does it highlight exactly what you would prefer to hide? Keeping your figure in mind while dress hunting is a very important factor as well. For example, if you are on the plump side, avoid going for dresses which are ill-fitting and which add volume to your figure. Instead choose one that shows off your curves. Mermaid gowns are a hit with lean women as they create a natural hourglass figure.



Stick to your budget- Let’s be honest. Your wedding dress is one that you are not likely to wear again because after all, everyone who matters has already seen you in it. It’s important to have a budget in mind while dress hunting and not going overboard because you’ll find that the sky is really the limit. This is the right time to hunt for bargains, scourge the city for great deals and of course, surf online as well. If you would prefer to keep the budget to a minimum, hiring a wedding gown for a day is also a fantastic option.


Be in Vogue- Don’t like white? No problem! Brides to be these days have gone beyond the traditional pristine white and are now experimenting with other pastel shades and even bright colours like purple. While going traditional is always a great option to choose, it never hurts to do something different and really be the talk of the town. You’ll have to stay tuned to what the latest bridal gown styles are of course, but you won’t regret it!


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