Expert Speaks: Award Winning Image Consultant Addresses Bridal Queries

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In our “expert speaks” section, Meetah Thakker, Director of Tresstalkh Spa & Salon addresses the queries of brides and grooms. Meetah has an esthetician’s degree from The Lillian Maund School of Beauty, U K. Her areas of expertise are Face Mapping and Image consultancy.

Meetah Thakkar

(Image: Meetah receiving the award from Rayed Merchant, Director, Beauty Palace)
Meetah helps clients select the right outfits, jewelry and other accessories like make up, shoes etc for weddings as well as for daily wear. She believes that a complete makeover is from head to toe. Meetah’s salon, Tresstalkh is an award-winning spa/salon that has won the Best Salon Award of India in 2012. In 2013 it was nominated as The Best Innovative Salon  as well as The Most Admired Specialized Skin & Hair Care in the country.

Here are some queries from our brides-to-be addressed by Meetah:

1)    I am getting married within a month but I have tired and dull skin. What do you recommend for the same?

At Tresstalkh, we perform a comprehensive skin analysis and design a treatment package for the bride (or grooms). Generally, we recommend brides-to-be to go in for diamond polishing for face and body polishing which helps remove the dead skin and rejuvenate it. This can also help the face appear more radiant and fresh. The products we use are designed to give an instant glow to the skin. We also perform total body makeovers for the bride & groom.


 2)    I have acne & acne marks. How do I deal with these, without any invasive procedures?

For acne prone skin we have a complete acne management programs that help cleanse the skin off impurities. With help of innovative products we can give our clients clear skin that can make them feel confident about themselves. The products we use are designed in such way that they help reduce scars and re-generate new cells. They also help improve skin luminosity & clarity. We also prescribe an at-home treatment that includes products to use as well as a diet management program.

 3)    I have dull & dark skin. Do you have any treatment / procedures for the same?

For dull & dark skin we do have treatments that give instant glow & brightening or whitening effect. Skin polishing is the best option for it which gives double exfoliation effect that can help give a brighter complexion. Likewise, body polishing can also enhance the skin tone & make the skin look healthier & radiant.


 4)    My hair is dried and frizzy. How can I make it smoother overnight ?

Hair is an important asset and we have many simple solutions for dry & frizzy hair . First of all, home care is very important . We have products which help you get rid of dry and frizzy hair. Elixir Ultime of Kerastase is the best option; it is smoothening and beautifying oil. This should be applied overnight and washed off the next morning with a good shampoo & conditioner.  Secondly, we have treatments that help give nourishment to the hair and help restore the lost pH balance of the hair and scalp. We also recommend clients go in for hair spa rituals which can make the hair healthier.

Our Pro Keratin treatment called Shine Bond helps induce keratin into the hair & instantly changes the way your hair appears.

5)    I have tremendous amounts of hair fall? Any solutions?

Hair fall is common problem faced by all due to change in climatic conditions & pollution etc. We first diagnose the scalp & hair of the person and suggest the treatment options accordingly. We have treatments for hair fall the best among which is Aminexil GL. This is a 45-day treatment program which can help you maintain the density of thinning hair.

We also deal in hair extensions that can help beautify your hair. Our hair experts perform face mapping  and design the hair extensions as per your need. They even help with cutting , styling & coloring to help you get a complete makeover.

 6)    I have short hair . How do I wear lehenga with that?

With a Lehenga generally longer hair styles look more elegant. Our Hair Designers can help design extensions according to your individual need. They can even recommend a cut, style and hair color to suit your face and skin tone. Hair extensions are very easy to maintain and can last for years.

7)    I want to color my hair, but have heard that it causes hair fall. What are my options? What brands do you recommend?

It’s a wrong perception that coloring hair causes hair fall . The right brands and products as well as the right choice of color is very important. Ammonia free colors are the best options for those worried about hair fall.  INOA is a great brand that is free of ammonia. Another option is DIA RICHESS which is free from dia colour. It refreshes & controls frizz.


TressTalkH Salon/Spa in Mumbai. Here is the complete address:

Tresstalkh Spa & Salon,

301, Destination, 3rd Floor, MG Road, Next to Shoppers Stop,

Ghatkopar East, Mumbai -400089.

Contact No: – (+91)022-25292904 / 67550812.

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All images courtesy Meetah Thakker.

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