Top 6 Wedding Doli Designs for a Grand Entrance

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Every girl wants her wedding day to be the most memorable day of her life. She wishes to be the star of the day. With the advent of television soaps and big budget films the expectations are set even higher. In such times, what can the bride do to stand out? Designer trousseau, beautiful make-up, heavy jewellery…? Yes, but these are things of the past. Today one even has to opt for a grand entrance. Like the groom has his share of a spectacular entry on a ghodi, the bride too can make a splash by way of top wedding doli designs.

We have a few tips and styles to help you in selecting grand doli designs for your wedding day.

1)  Royal Wedding Doli Designs

First in the category of top wedding doli designs are the ones seen at the royal palaces of Rajasthan. These can give you an idea in choosing a design you would like for your own wedding. Mehrangarh Fort has various designs and layouts of palanquins that were used for Royal processions. Many pictures are even available on the official websites of these palaces.

palakhis for a grand entrance

2) Use Bollywood for inspiration

You can opt for a doli like the ones displayed in the movie Devdas. (Aishwarya peeps through the rows of flowers to take a final look at Shahrukh Khan!). This a classic wedding doli design and brides can never go wrong with it. One can have it decorated with flowers and choose contrast colours for the doli and the floral accessories. (We feel that having the same colour in flowers and other decoration might make the Doli look tad bit dull). Do keep in mind the chosen colour theme for your wedding, if any. (Do make sure that the wedding dress doesn’t look monotonous against the doli.)

3) The partially open Doli 

This is particularly popular these days. It could have beautiful peacocks and other motifs on the sides. One can leave it at that or have it covered on the top with a decoration of one’s liking. Ensure that seating within the doli is comfortable for the bride.

4) Traditional Wedding Doli designs

You can also choose the traditional design which is covered on all sides. The only openings are for the bride’s entry and exit. These are also well guarded by way of curtains. As a twist you could have these curtains in sheer material. This doli design will keep the bride’s wedding look under wraps right until the very moment when she exits the doli.

5) Boat House inspired Dolis

Alternatively, a bride could consider a doli designed like the boats seen on Kashmir’s Dal Lake. This particular design is covered on the top and open on the sides. This will give a bride full access to the venue, guests and most importantly the groom.

palakhis for a grand entrance

6) Lounge Style Dolis

The latest trend in bridal Dolis for a grand entrance is the lounge style design. As the name suggests, these are loungers and are considered the perfect mix of old and new. A bride can be seated comfortably in this type of wedding doli design. Also, getting on and off this doli is rather easy ( just like that on a sofa).


Irrespective of the doli design styles you choose, do note that carrying it  is no easy job. One must first decide who will play this role among the relatives and other domestic help. In case the relatives are planning to carry it, one must naturally take their consent in advance and give them some time to be prepared and also arrive at the venue before the bridal entrance. Brides must ensure having 2-3 names as back-up in case someone drops out at the last minute. One can also co-ordinate the attire and look of the persons carrying the wedding doli.

palakhis for a grand entrance

You will come across many vendors offering wedding doli designs for bridal families. Make sure the vendor gets a clear idea of your expectations. In case, you are doubtful of their abilities, get a sample model made from them for reference. One can also provide the vendors with a sketch or a photo to get one’s point across.

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