4 Unique Blouse Patterns for the Indian Bride

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Indian weddings are full of show and pomp. Dressing up for various ceremonies and rituals is an integral part of the  wedding tradition. As such, the bride has to ensure that she is dressed according to the requirement of each occasion. Sari and lehenga are synonymous with weddings. With the rising popularity of ready-made outfits, everything is available in the markets in a huge variety. Now: how do you separate yourself and your wedding dress from the masses? One way is to get a designer outfit. But this is sometimes out of the allocated budget and you are in a dilemma. We have some unique blouses patterns for the bride which will lend an altogether new look to your outfit.

Backless blouse

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Backless Variety

The recent trend is the backless blouse. There are many ways in which this could be molded to suit your style. One pattern will have two strings at the top and bottom of your blouse. A variant in this type is having either the top or the bottom covered in an inch or two long styles as seen in this picture.

High Neck

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Embroidered High Neck Blouse

If you expected to be covered up for certain religious ceremonies, you could try the heavily embroidered high neck blouse. It renders a very elegant feel. There will be no objections by the elders to this type of blouse. The same pattern also goes well with the sequined, shimmery sari. In case of bright sari or lehenga you could keep the blouse simple with just a hint or border at the sleeves.

cut out

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Off The Shoulder Blouse

If you want to try something between these two extremes you can opt for the off the shoulder blouse. Make sure it’s not too deep and just shows off your envious collar bones. You could also look at the cut out blouses. This looks best when worn in complete contrast with the sari. Because of the detailed cut outs, it is important that you take every opportunity to show it off. If you are not comfortable with the skin show, you can mask the cut out with nude or a bright coloured lining.

Waist coat


Waist Coat

Another option that looks very elegant is the waist coat look. If your sari is of a soft and sheer material, the waist coat pattern is apt to give it a regal look. This pattern can be made in any material. You can also play with the sleeves and the pattern on the neck.

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