Unique Hybrid Designs For The Modern Bridal Sari

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If lehengas and sarees sound too common as your bridal wear, here’s the perfect solution for you. Hybrid saree might be a relatively new concept, but it is picking up people’s interest. We feel, it will soon become the new fashion trend for our modern brides, mother of the bride as well as the bridesmaids. We scoured the Internet for top 10 designs in modern bridal sarees and this is what we found!

10 Unique Hybrid Designs for the Modern Bridal Sari

1.Banarasi Half-saree

Take a cue from the ace fashion designer of Bollywood, Manish Malhotra, who has created this amazing banarasi half-saree for brides.

hybrid bridal saree

Source: Nevanta

2. Georgette Half Saree

An amazing choice for the morning rituals on the day of wedding, this half-saree of soft contrasting colours would perfectly compliment the bride-to-be’s look.

half saree

Source: Pinterest

3. Experiment with Bright Colours

Break away from traditional red, golden or pink by picking unusual colours such as orange, deep pink or even magenta.

bridal hybrid sari

Source: via Pinterest courtesy GRPhotography

4. Perfect Choice for Haldi

While there’s very little doubt that these new-age hybrid sarees make excellent bridal wear, one can also wear these beautiful alternatives for events like mehendi or haldi. In fact, more and more brides now prefer these sarees over usual lehengas.

modern bridal sari

Source: Pinterest

5. Half Saree with Elaborate Designs

Well, who needs a banarasi when you can wear a beautiful half saree with such elaborate designs?

modern bridal sari

Source: VJV Fashions

6.Experiment with the Fabric

Not much into chiffon or net? No worries. These modern bridal half-sarees are available in amazing fabrics. You can also have a chat with your designer and make an exclusive one for your wedding.

modern bridal sari

7. Perfect Choice for Bridesmaids As Well

Not only brides, bridesmaids too can go for these hybrid sarees.

modern bridal sari

8. Gorgeous Modern Bridal Sari for Reception

Wow! Can there be any better idea than a hybrid modern bridal sari like this one? Totally wins our heart!

modern bridal sari

9. Mix-n-match with Style and Designs

The contrast of dark blue and pink, the western style, or unique designs, these sarees can mix and match different styles like none.

modern hybrid saree

Source: Sareeka

10. Lehenga Sari

Be an off-beat bride by sporting a hybrid saree -converted into a breathtaking lehenga.

bridal half sari

Source: Pinterest

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