In Vogue- Informal Weddings Part 2

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As promised, we take a look at what goes into the making of an informal wedding or ‘casual’ wedding as it is often called in Europe:



Guest List- Everything revolves around who you choose to call and the number of people who eventually turn up. If you choose to go by a list of acquaintances, it’s likely that you will have a guest list that crosses 300 or more. On the other hand, if you sit down to think about the people you really want by your side when you get married, it’s possible that your list won’t have beyond 80 to 100 names even after including relatives on both sides and close friends. The idea of pruning the guest list is to ensure that the audience is small in number which also encourages better interaction between the attendees themselves. Most importantly, you get to spend quality time individually with your guests as well.




Invitations- Keep things simple yet elegant by writing personal invitations in calligraphic style on handcrafted paper for your guests. If you would like some more ideas on how to make your own wedding invitation cards, then check out this link here . Printable wedding invitations which will keep costs down are also a great option to consider especially if your guest list is a small one. Take some time to go through Etsy  which has plenty of great printable wedding card options in a myriad of designs. If you would like to simply order a few wedding invitation cards online and save yourself further stress, then check out this site which has a huge catalog of cards at low rates that have been designed keeping each community in mind.



Bridal Wear- There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing bridal wear for an informal wedding. While some wedding planners would advocate going all out on bridal wear, others would suggest keeping the bridal wear non-fussy yet elegant keeping the general theme of the wedding in mind. If yours is a Christian wedding, we suggest ditching the traditional trailing white gown and going with a white dress that could pass for both a wedding gown and a dress. If yours is a Hindu wedding, then opt for a heirloom saree (have fun going through your mother’s or grandmother’s personal wardrobe for a timeless weave) or opt for any other saree of your choice which has a balanced touch of embroidery and design. DO wear jewellery by all means but keep it simple. For instance, instead of wearing a three layered necklace, wear a single strand of pearls, a gold chain with a pendant or even silver jewellery for a funky rustic look.

More tips on informal weddings coming your way in our next article.



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