Wedding Jewellery: To Buy Or To Rent For The Day?

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Wedding jewellery can be rented these days, though most brides would prefer buying it. Of course, it is a huge investment. Then there is the matter of design-some  like  traditional designs while others may prefer the contemporary ones. It is naturally very important to choose the right jewellery for your wedding day.

Wedding jewellery: To buy or to rent for the day?

Rent or buy-whatever the case, the main question remains what is more economical? Bridal jewellery is rarely used on  other occasions-you might at the most wear it to your own baby shower down the line or when attending your friends’ or siblings’ wedding. Otherwise, it mostly ends up in the bottom shelves or in bank lockers. If your in-laws are the traditional types then renting wedding  jewellery may not be an option. The elders would probably insist on buying heavy gold jewellery, often multiple pieces. You may even be forced to wear completely mismatched pieces just because some are family heirlooms. But this jewellery may not go well with all your bridal outfit. So, if that’s not what you want, you could rent your wedding jewellery. It will take a lot of convincing-but your family might give in to your demands eventually. After all, it is your wedding!

Wedding jewellery: To buy or to rent for the day?

There are a number of shops and beauty parlours  offering wedding jewellery on rent such as Sri Shringarr, Parle, Mumbai, Secret Wardrobe, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, Rent Jewels – Fine Jewellery by Taruna Biyani, Gurgaon. Check out RentMasti for rental shops in your city. They have a variety of options available to choose from. But before you decide upon renting, make sure you know all the nitty gritties of renting. These places where you can rent wedding day jewellery are very particular about the usage. They expect the jewellery back in perfect condition. You may be charged a lump sum for any damage caused. The jewellery is to be returned at exactly the time given. Usually they rent out in 24 hours cycle. Make sure you have a friend who is able to meet this 24 hours criterion. These conditions only sound difficult but are actually quite easy to follow through. Think of it as renting a venue. Aren’t you expected to leave it at a specified time and don’t we almost always manage to achieve it? It is as simple as that.

Wedding jewellery: To buy or to rent for the day?

There are many benefits of renting wedding day jewellery. You can choose a neck piece that is a perfect match with your wedding dress. Not only that, you get a set which includes matching necklace, earrings, mang tika, finger rings, nathni, payal, etc. So you can just stop worrying about the jewellery department.  If you like to adorn heavy prices of jewellery, it will be much easy on your pocket to rent rather than buy it. Also sometimes, the designs you like may not be available in gold. In that case, you can rent it. One more advantage of renting jewellery is wearing new jewellery at every function. Now isn’t that every woman’s dream – no repeats!

In either case, we recommend going for contrast-if your bridal wear has elaborate embroidery or handicraft all over, choose subtle jewellery designs and stick to a couple of pieces of jewellery. On the other hand if your dress is simple and elegant or in pastel hues choose a necklace that has bright coloured gems to bring out the colour of your bridal wear.

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