Be Your Own Wedding Planner- DIY Wedding Dessert Bar

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Ever been to a wedding and stood before a dessert bar with a dazed look on your face, simply because everything looked so yummy and you didn’t know which one to try first? Desserts are a serious and a sinful weakness and even die-hard ‘no sugar’ lifestyle followers we bet, also have second thoughts when they see such a tempting array of sweet treats. The first step towards putting together your own DIY wedding dessert bar, is to understand that just because exotic ingredients and desserts may not find a place in your dessert menu, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring either. With a bit of creativity and right mix of sweet treats, you can cater to your guests’ sweet tooth (or teeth!) and fulfil a sugar lover’s fantasy!




Lets’ begin with your wedding cake. The showstopper at most weddings is usually a 2 or 3 tiered fondant creation that easily earns ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the guests. After the couple cut a slice, the cake is then practically forgotten. But why should it be so? How about actually serving a slice of your wedding cake to your guests as a part of your DIY wedding dessert bar? You could opt for an exotic flavour that seriously wows. We suggest choosing a single tier cake as it is much easier to cut and asking for a fresh cream creation instead of a heavily decorated fondant one. It’ll be cheaper in comparison and tastier too!




Chocolates are a favourite irrespective of age, and you could serve an assortment of them in different flavours. For an exotic touch, buy the chocolate from speciality confectioners who retail hand-made chocolate as well as other exclusive creations. Liquor chocolates are always a hit but think twice about serving them first!




What better way to end a meal than with some delicious ice-cream? You could buy tubs and family packs that are easily available at all retail stores and give guests the option to create their own sundaes by displaying other toppings too. Think chocolate & strawberry sauces, nuts, dry fruits, fresh fruit and cream. If you’re expecting a fair number of children as well, then serve crunchy toppings like gems or butterscotch, which they will love.




Cookies, cup-cakes, cake pops, macaroons- are all trending DIY wedding dessert bar favourites. If your guest list is small, then you could even make these at home. Or, you could buy them from your favourite bakery as well. Many speciality bakers would also be willing to customize a unique flavour for you or even create special ‘bride & groom’ icing artwork.




Indian desserts are seriously yummy too and putting together a colourful display of mithai is so much easier thanks to the local mithai-walla! They add a touch of Indian-ness to any DIY wedding dessert bar and often complement exotic desserts quite well too.


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