Be Your Own Wedding Planner- DIY Wedding Favours

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Everybody loves a good present and when your guests have taken the trouble to personally come for your wedding, sending them back home with a DIY wedding favour is a great way to show your appreciation. Wedding favours range from the whimsical to the really expensive but if you are on a tight budget, don’t worry about whether the wedding favour itself appears cheap or not. You could opt to personalise the favours and in the end, don’t forget that it’s really the thought that counts!




Sweet Treats: It’s seriously tough to say no to a little packet of chocolates, premium cookies tied up in ribbon or even to a pair of cream doughnuts. You could also go with jars of hand-made jam or gift dessert in a jar as well.




Scented Candles: Little tea candles, pot pourri, aromatherapy sets and even scented soaps all make wonderful DIY wedding favours. They are inexpensive and most importantly, are very useful too.




Stationery: Gifting journals, notebooks, designer notepads or even pens are all great DIY wedding favour options as well which can be used both at work and at home.




Handy kitchen gadgets: Want to gift something even more handy? How about personalised bottle openers, cookie cutters, eye-catching fridge magnets, coasters or even little shot glasses featuring either the guests’ name or the date of your wedding? These can be used anywhere as well.




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