Tips On Planning A DIY Wedding – Part 2

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As promised, after our last article on DIY Weddings, we’re back with more tips you simply must keep in mind before planning one for yourself:


Invest Time: The idea of having a DIY wedding may sound like a lot of fun, but in truth, if you are serious about putting together the whole show from start to finish, give yourself plenty of time to work out the details. Wedding planners prefer to begin work on a wedding at least 6 months before D-day and you need to give yourself about the same amount of time or more. Don’t be shy about asking family members to pitch in and if the thought of taking on such a huge challenge seems daunting, it’s absolutely fine to ask a professional for help while giving your views and ideas on the same.



Get set to negotiate: Never thought much about your negotiating skills? Now, is the time to put them to the test because you’ll find that the manner in which you negotiate and also where and with whom will have a direct impact on how much money you eventually spend! You will have to meet with and deal with plenty of vendors and take your time in sorting out any logistics concerns. Spend a few minutes with a wedding planner and you’ll realise that more than the actual planning itself, it’s always the logistics and other unforeseen hiccups that usually cause panic attacks.



Scheduling: A DIY wedding puts your scheduling and organizational skills to the test because the only way you can ensure that everything happens just when it’s supposed to, is to make sure that you prepare schedules for each aspect of the wedding and other related ceremonies. This helps you understand which projects require more attention, which may need to be cut short or altered and also allows you to come up with quick-fix alternatives just in case you’re running out of time. A helpful way to kick-start the scheduling is by working back-wards, keeping your wedding date as the starting point.



Remember that many brides who opt for a DIY wedding also don’t refrain from hiring help on the wedding day so that they can sit back and enjoy their labour of love without worrying about whether the serving tables had matching linen or not! If, a DIY wedding seems like a dream project which you are willing to invest in, then we say go for it. And, don’t forget to stay tuned in to our next few articles in the DIY series, as we tackle each aspect of a wedding individually.

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