Wedding Ring Trends

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Needless to say that a wedding is a special occasion for not just the to-be-bride, but her family as well. A marriage is a highly sacred bond and naturally, the bride and the groom’s families  leave no stone unturned in making this special day perfect in all aspects. Wedding preparations go on for months on end in Indian households. Jewellery  obviously plays a very important role in Indian weddings. An Indian bride is decked from head to toe in beautiful jewellery that complements her attire and her personality. Today, we will consider some top trends in wedding rings….Coloured stone rings

Diamond Rings-When considering rings for both, men and women, you simply cannot go wrong with diamonds.  A bright stone set in the centre surrounded by smaller diamonds is a perfect choice for modern and trendy couples. This is the global trend that can easily suit the Indian style as well, given the fact that most Indians prefer colour.

Another trend catching on as far as the wedding ring is concerned is the wedding band- a simple, plain band that you can inscribe with  a quote or your names for  a personal touch. We recommend carving your names on the inside of the ring.

Lace pattern

Lace rings-You are likely to see a lot of lacy, thinner, designs that previously were difficult or even impossible to create. A complex lace design all along the top of the ring is a classic beauty which will never go out of fashion.

Customized design -Want an antique look or a different take on your wedding rings?  Then simply customize or style your wedding ring yourself with help from talented designers. Custom made wedding rings add that unique touch to the jewelry and  can hold a special meaning for the couple. And a customized style is best suited for the Indian attire and dressing.

Antique wedding ring

Other than reading this blog for latest jewelry trends, you can also get inspirational ideas as stated below:

  • Browse fashion magazines for celebrity rings
  • Visit bridal exhibitions in your city
  • Watch out for jewelry and bridal fashion shows in and outside the country
  • Visit local jewelery stores
  • Browse through the latest jewellery catalogues займ онлайн омскдомашний займсрочный займ спб

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