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We hope you found our last article on understanding a groom’s unspoken thoughts, useful. As promised, we have a few more tips to help make your partnership with the groom get even better:


Why doesn’t he ask me what he can do to help :

In India, wedding planning has always been considered the bride’s domain and it’s only just recently that grooms too have started to get involved in the wedding planning process by giving their inputs or by working along with the bride to create the perfect dream wedding. Just because he hasn’t asked you if he could visit the wedding planner with you the next time, do not interpret it as a lack of interest. There’s a good 90% chance that a show of involvement from his side is an idea that just has not crossed his mind at all. He may also be more than happy to take a step back and to go with the flow as per your wishes so that you are a happy bride at the end of the day.  Let him know that his inputs and help would be more than welcome and we’re quite sure that he would be happy to be useful too.


I don’t like a few of his friends, why should they be invited to the wedding:

Let’s be honest- you may not like all his friends but before you throw a tantrum and insist that they be struck off the list, take a deep breath and try to remember that it’s his wedding just as much as it’s yours. Guys stick up for their guy friends just as you would for your girlfriends and just imagine how hurt your partner would be if you told him that you did not want to see a few of his friends on the most important day of his life. The matured and classy way to deal with the situation would be to keep your dislikes aside and to support your groom when he shows you his guest list. And who knows, his friends may not be all that bad as you think, once you get to know them better.


I wish I could get to know him better before we actually got married:

It’s no secret that a good marriage is laid on a great foundation. We’re quite certain that you wouldn’t want to feel like you’re marrying a total stranger and we bet that he too doesn’t want to feel that way. If your groom hasn’t asked you on a date or out for a movie yet, why don’t you make the first move? You’ll discover so much more about each other by talking over a cup of coffee and even trying out a new hobby. Couples these days even sign up for cooking or baking classes together because it’s a great way to pick up a new skill and of course, to spend time together too.

We hope you liked our article on understanding what grooms really think without actually saying it aloud. Do leave your comments and feedback here.

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