Indian Bridal Attire – Kashmiri Bridal dress

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Kashmir is known as “Paradise on Earth”, the land of beautiful valleys and snow-clad mountain peaks, stretching plains with flowerbeds and frizzy air. The beauty of Kashmir has been immortalised by many bollywood movies. The beautiful Sharmila Tagore, Preity Zinta and recently Nargis Fakhri have popularied the Kashmiri girl look in their movies .The people of Kashmir follow various cultural and social traditions among which the Kashmiri wedding traditions are the most unique. The bridal dress is very elaborate for the girls.
The bridal dress
Kashmir Pundit brides wear beautifully embroidered lehengas or heavily embroidered sarees nowadays, however the traditional wedding attire is the pheran. The bride’s pheran is usually made of raffle, with ari or hook embroidery at the neck, cuff and edges. usually red in colour with a lot of glitz. If not Red, it can be Pink or Yellow in colour. The bride has to wear a headwear, which consists of a long cap called Kalpush. A white color cloth known as Zoojh is wrapped in three to four layers over Kalpush and a glace paper is stitched over the Zoojh. This entire head wear is known as Tarang. The lehenga has a lot of zari work done using golden threads and is blended with Kashmiri embroidery. The Dupatta is put over the head wear and enhances the look of the bride. Donning the traditional wedding attire by the bride and bride groom is a ritual in itself. Their relatives assist them. They dress for the occasion in elaborate wedding gear.

kashmiri look
The bride adorns heavy gold jewellery around the neck, gold bangles on the hands and Paayal and toe ring in the feet. A special and very unique ornament known as Dejharoo is worn by a Kashmiri bride. Dejharoo is a pair of gold pendants hanging on a gold chain through the holes in the ear lobes. This holds the similar significance in Kashmiri pundits as a mangalsutra does among Hindus. A waist band which is two meter long and a half a meter wide is also forms an integral part of the bridal wear. The whole assembly lends a most arty upshot to the appearance of Kashmiri women.


‘Posha puza’ or floral worship is the most important ritual and the concluding ceremony among the Kashmiri Pandits. The couple is made to sit under the canopy of a red shawl or any other red cloth and showered with flowers. The bridegroom and the bride are considered as embodiments of Shiva and Parvati in this ritual.

posha puza

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