Indian Bridal Apparel-Traditionally Tamil

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In India, each region has its own customs and rituals attached to the wedding day. When we talk weddings, what follows naturally is the bridal outfit. It is unique to each region and each more exquisite than the other. The weddings of Tamilian Brahmins are universally acknowledged for their pomp and flair. Just like the Tamilian culture, their jewellery is also very diverse and rich. One just cannot comprehend its beauty and touch of elegance to the person who wears it!


Tamilian  Bridal Apparel is a traditional saree in bright hues. Typically, the Iyer and Iyengar brides wear a 9 yard Kanjeevaram Silk saree in shades of green and red, embellished with elaborate gold zari borders and buta work. These days most Tamil brides also opt for the regular 6 yard saree but stick to shades of red and green. They are known to spend bucket loads of money for the right pick. Nalli’s and Pothy’s are the most favoured destinations for wedding trousseau.

Jewellery is another aspect that is very rooted in tradition. Brides are usually seen decked in stunning pieces of ancestral temple jewellery. Brides from TamilNadu wear unique jewellery around their waist and hair. Oddiyanam –an attractive waist belt worn to keep pallu, pleats and folds intact. The bride also wears something known as Nethi – which is the traditional wedding jewellery for the hair usually made of pearl and gold. Nethichutty which is worn in the central parting of the hair, looks like a sparkling star and completes the look.


The Maangaamaalai is a necklace of mangoes, stunning in appearance, consisting of stone-studded gold mangoes strung together with a huge pendant of encrusted peacocks. Thaali or Maangalsutra holds special place for a married Indian woman and is termed as one of the most precious ornaments for them. It is usually made of a string of small sized black beads with a small pendant or locket in the centre. Vanki is an armlet shaped like a snake or floral arch is worn on the upper arm by the women of Tamil Nadu. It is usually in the form of an inverted V-shaped form that allows for flexibility for different sizes. Jhimkki or jhumka are the ultimate earrings, which are required for giving a dazzling look to the bride.


Tamilian brides are the very picture of opulence and radiance. Their bridal apparel consists of rich Kanjeevaram silks coupled with traditional gold jewellery and fresh flowers woven into their hair. Alia Bhatt has reprised the role of a typical Tamilian bride in her flick 2 States and her dressing throughout the film is a good reference point.



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